Which components are the most important when developing a marketing plan? Explain why. Discuss at least three key components In my opinion, the most critical components of developing a marketing plan would include the marketing strategies, a situation analysis, and the SWOTT analysis. All of these components are useful within the business setting for a … Continue reading Marketing

The Desire to be Financially Free

I have been doing some research the past couple of years on the income figures for people that have degree's versus the people that do not have an education. That being said! There are people that do not have an education but make big bucks for the work that they do. I believe in the … Continue reading The Desire to be Financially Free

Correlation Analysis

What is the purpose of using correlation analysis? How might correlation analysis be used in business decisions or in strategy formulation and implementation? Correlation analysis is an important; tool in any business. The purpose of using correlation analysis is for the researcher to determine the relationship between two variables. When a researcher wants to find the … Continue reading Correlation Analysis