Sharing your Customer Losers and Winner’s

Customer Service


Throughout the world, so many people do not think of any company, which provids excellent customer service skills. Now as for the worst customer service where should one start? Throughout the many warranty’s that she has purchased on equipment, or other technology tools she has yet to find the best customer service around this small town. The first computer she bought was through Dell, a well known computer company that states they have the best computers around for low prices. Well right before the warranty expired the computer started acting up and so she called tech support, and spent a long time on the phone with someone she could not understand, and then you have to perform a variety of tasks to accomplish their goals. The customer Service representative crashes her computer and hangs up on her because they knew they had done something wrong. So she called them back and asked to speak to a manager. They finally got the computer fixed and working the way that is should. She was furious and she will never purchase their computer’s since. She will never buy another one and will tell everyone about their laxk of customer support. Another time she had bought a printer from WalMart and purchased the warranty, which apparently was only good for ninety days after the purchase. After the warranty expires you have to deal with the company who made the product. Well that was a mistake calling. The printer that she had bought would not print from the first day. She spent an hour or two arguing with the customer service representative about what was wrong with the printer. Any time that you call these people you have to waste your time putting the equipment back on the computer, and plugging everything back in so that these representatives can get onto your computer. Who knows what type of information they are getting off of your computer when they suddenly crash your computer. She has yet to buy another warranty because it is a waste of time and money.

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Cost Recovery

The first basic cost recovery strategy is the cost of goods sold which would require the company to take something that is already in stock, and turn around and sell it at a lower price to recover the funds that the company has spent on the product. Secondly, the company has depreciation, which allows the company to sell the assets now possibly at a discounted rate because the cost may be different in the future because of the depreciation in value. Furthermore, amortization is used for the intangible assets that the company has which accumulates value over time. If a company decided to buy a contract for five years for another retailer in the area. The contract could be sold or completed within that period with the company recovering all the funds. The last cost recovery strategy is the depletion this method is part of the passive income from the company’s outside sources. These outside sources could include rent for other space in a different building or the company paying for natural resources surrounding the property. A company would implement a cost recovery strategy to assure that all measures have been taken. If a company were to not spend enough time, preparing for what may happen in the future could cause the business to close. This would result in the company closing and not being able to pay the bills that it has incurred during business. In order for a business to survive, they must earn the consumer’s trust and treat the consumer as if they are the most important thing surrounding their company.