Tax Breaks for Small Businesses

There are many changes going on in the world today for small business’s. One of the changes that comes to my mind is the Jobs Act that President Obama has signed. Within the Act there are tax breaks for the small business and also allows them access to better credit. So that business owners can rest assured that their business will survive. This is good news to anyone who is interested in starting a small business and for the small business owners. Larger business’s will suffer because they are not getting the tax breaks because they are larger business’s. When you stop and think about a small company that has less than 30 employees against a company that has over 200 or more employee’s there is a big difference in the tax bracket. But the larger company will get the higher taxes but what they will do is raise the price on their products and tax the consumer. When a company’s taxes increase so do the prices of their products. I would only want a small business and I would like to see it grow into something bigger but for right now starting out with a small business is the best idea with the way that the economy is going right now. Now I will tell you the location of the business is also something that will affect the business and how much business it will receive.

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