Implementation Process

Several potential mistakes within the implementation process for small businesses. One of the first mistakes is not being able to put the business strategy in motion for the business. Secondly, by having the wrong people in the strategy process could mean that the strategy process implementation will go the wrong way. The implementing the strategy process might be overwhelming. By nominating a certain amount of people to implement the changes that are necessary to accomplish the goals and objectives the business needs. Many companies have this problem when they are able to create the best strategies but fail to implement them the right way. This may cause problems that will not allow the company to move forward until the strategies, which implement the right way. In my opinion, the implementation process is the most important part however; this is the strategy process to make sure things run smoothly within the business by implementing the right strategic plan. If the company has the wrong people involved with, the implementation process will cause problems with making sure that the implementation of the strategy process is a success. One of the ways to avoid this is to have a certain amount of people working on the implementation process in identifying the short-term goals/objectives, communicating policies that will empower the company staff by keeping the company on the right path for success, and by designing rewards that will ensure that the company has effective results. Keeping the staff motivated in the success of the company and themselves. If the company does not have any type of motivational payoff for their employee’s they are not going to be willing to make the effort in making the company a success.


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