Taking Business into your Own Hands

Many people just go to work because they have to. Finding the right employer takes time and energy. The business world portrayed in the textbooks allows much to desire in the real world. Companies now have the choice on which candidate would make the best employee within their company. However, throughout the business world places such as restaurants only have a handful of women working in the upper management. If someone were to work for a company for 17 years and not move up in within the company that means they more than likely do not like the competition of skills that person has. More and more students face the problems of student loans after graduating with their degree.
Your whole life people tell you that having an education means better jobs, and better pay. However, after going through college and finding that right job takes some time. Some people get lucky and find that right job after college and other’s it takes a little longer. Depending on the type of surroundings finding the right job can turn into a job in itself. Living in a small town makes it harder to find a decent-paying job unless you become a teacher, lawyer, doctor, or anything else within these fields. Furthermore, the steps you have to take to start your own business. You practically have to have tons of money already to begin to start your own business.
Sometimes taking the process into your own hands can lead to other wonderful opportunities that await your skills, and knowledge. Something that many people do not hear from their employer’s pertains to the job that they do for the employer. Saying things like Great Job! You do not hear well done, or keep up the good work. In addition, other praises will make the employee unmotivated and unsecure in their job.
Many times employer’s make fun of their employees and disgrace them. Hearing things, as employee is being worthless, and always making mistakes. It is quite amazing that people put up with this type of stuff from the employers. When do people say I have had enough of hearing the word no and being put down all the time? In obtaining eight years of college, I have found that most of the subjects taught do not align with the real world. I have worked for many companies and most of them I would not waste my time with ever again.
I have made it my mission to make the best of the education that I have obtained in doing something that I love to do and that is to write articles. I have so far had some success with the articles that I have written so far and I am looking forward to a rewarding experience. It may take some time nevertheless; I will make this dream a reality just like everything else that I have done within my life. I sit here on my days off writing and homeschooling my children and that in itself was a rewarding decision on my part. I never imagined that my blog about some of the questions and essays done in college would receive as many hits as it has right now.
What a milestone in your life to say that your children can look back on and read some of the things that you have done in college on the internet. I am searching for a writing job that will allow me to stay home with my wonderful family. In April, I began working with some of the contractors on Odesk.com. It is a wonderful experience because I am able to write on a variety of topics throughout the course of the day. I would love to see my career take off in the writing world, which would allow me to spend more time with the people that I love. This will help sharpen my skills as a writer.

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