Cocke County Roads Less Traveled

<img class="alignnone wp-image-286" title="Cocke County Roads 2″ src=”; alt=”” width=”166″ height=”139″ /> <img class=" wp-image-288" title="Cocke County Roads” src=”; alt=”” width=”128″ height=”109″ /> Close quarters for two big vehicles on the roads less traveled.

Close quarters for two vehicles on one of the roads in Cocke County roads less traveled. It does not look like there is a lot of room for two vehicles on this road as you can tell by the picture above.  As you can see with the picture above this is a tight squeeze for anyone to go down this was taken on the way to  town. Only certain parts of the road allow room for other passing vehicles to move over to let the other person go. However, the better part of this road does not have places for moving aside to let the other cars to pass. It looks like the road followed a snake because when you meet a school bus it is hard to get over enough so that the bus can get by. By fixing, one road at a time over the next few years could decrease the amount of accidents that happen on those roads that look like driveways. Being a cocke county resident and having to drive down these types of roads at night can cause problems for everyone that uses these roads. Especially, with a variety of trees close to the road and does not allow the room to move over for both vehicles to make their way down the road. However, no one says anything about the roads and goes on, as nothing is wrong until someone gets hurts in a car accident or something else. Many times I have driven down the road and met someone going a lot faster than they should because there is not a speed limit sign anywhere. People do not watch their speed on these roads, which makes it difficult for other big vehicles that come and go on these types of roads. Just extending the road a little could make the difference.  Making the road wider or cutting down some of the trees that are close to the road could help make more room for the vehicles to pass each other without any problems.

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