Terrarium July 2012


The children had found two toads the other day, and decided to put them in the terrarium. They have named the toad Trevor, and trevrina. Dakota and Bryson went outside to capture some crickets and other bugs for the newest members of the family. Although the boys have collected bugs throughout the year and especially the pill bugs add up.over the months. With all

Cricket molting

research done throughout the year and quizzes taken to understand the life cycles of plants and animals of all kinds.

Centipedes, millipedes, pill bugs, praying mantids, spiders, and many other insects living in the terrarium throughout this project. Tha children have learned a ton of informarion about the different insects out in the world today. The first cocoon they found did not have anything in it and ended up decompossing within the soil. Since, the start of the terrarium project the children have enjoyed the part of finding new insects to watch, and monitor. Researching is the key to having a successful project.


Another successful project will be underway shortly. The children will learn how to take care of animals, grow a garden, and many other things next school year. Homeschooling is womderful to say the least. She enjoys every minute with her children and exploring new boundaries of topics.

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