Hughes Net internet

Earlier this year I decided to get hughes net to finish my last class for college and I did not mind the fact that there would be a two year contract. The representative told me that my bill would be under $50.00 for the first three months, and that there were some discounts because I was in school. However, the first month I paid over$60.00
and it went up from there. I have contacted them and they told me that.i would have to call and listen to the recording when I signed up. What in the world all these companies like comcast, charter, hughesnet, and other internet providers twll you what you want to hear to get your money no matter

Hughesnet is the slowest unreliable internet provider that I have ever had and I am voicing my opinion about them and I will tell everyone that I meet how crappy they are with customer service and making sure that their customers are happy. I expected to pay a certain price and now I am stuck in a two year contract. I have had problems loading the web pages and doing the normal activities that most people do on the internet.

If you are one day late a message from hughesnet will appear causing you to stop what you are doing and close out your browser and lose what you were working on to pay your bill. They tell you what you want to hear and make you think you are getting a good deal when in fact they are only signing you up to get your money.

I see many people throughout the course of my day and I can tell everyone of them what a joke hughesnet is. Not to mention that they claim to be the cheapest internet around. When you live in the mountains you do not have a lot of choices. However, the choices you do have should provide better customer service to their customers. The representative that processed my claim did not even put anything about the dicounts on my file except for a ten dollars off the first month. Oh yeah that helped me out a lot. Hughesnet is one company that I will never recommend, and I will do my best to tell at least everyone that I meet how unreliable and slow their services are.

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