Smoking Bans

I Quit

Day 39: Time to quit

At one time I would have said that it should be at the preference of the customer. However, this year was a marking point when I decided to quit smoking. Now that I have quit smoking I feel better, food tastes totally different, and I enjoy not smelling like a cigarette. I did not realize that everyone I am around would smell the smoke from the chemicals, and other additives that they put in cigarettes. I stopped smoking with the help of Choice Ecig. I am proud to say that I do not want to smoke ever again. I am at that point in my life that I would like to be around for a few more years and would like to spend that money on other things to make life better.

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Writing a Book

I love to write

Writing & Skirt

I have thought about writing a book especially when I can write around 100,000 words in one year in a journal about all the things that happen in a years time and on a daily basis. I have journal entries from different places that I have worked in and most of the comments are funnier now than they were when I wrote them. It is interesting the things that you find out about people when you just listen to them talking about their lives. I have managed to almost write 20,000 this year from the day to day grind. Like Saturday the children and I have been building a Terrarium and we found two cocoons and one of them hatched Saturday morning. These are the moments that I cherish in my journal writings.

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The process of writing the book is almost in the editing stage. Almost a year of writing gives you a feeling of accomplishment. She has written over 100,000 words thus year alone including writings from last year, and her notebooks lying around the house in different places. Of course, everyone wants to know what is written in those entries. Only time will tell as she embarks in the world if finding out the true meaning of editing.