Hughes Net internet

Earlier this year I decided to get hughes net to finish my last class for college and I did not mind the fact that there would be a two year contract. The representative told me that my bill would be under $50.00 for the first three months, and that there were some discounts because I … Continue reading Hughes Net internet

Our Terrarium Project Homeschooling.

This is one of the crickets that the children caught for our terrarium and the frogs that were inside. They enjoyed learning about crickets and the way they live their life. Well until they get eaten by the frogs, and lizards! It was a wonderful experience and one that we will continue throughout the upcoming … Continue reading Our Terrarium Project Homeschooling.

Terrarium July 2012

The children had found two toads the other day, and decided to put them in the terrarium. They have named the toad Trevor, and trevrina. Dakota and Bryson went outside to capture some crickets and other bugs for the newest members of the family. Although the boys have collected bugs throughout the year and especially … Continue reading Terrarium July 2012