The Start of 2013


Today is the first day of the new year and there will be many things on the agenda for the upcoming year.

One of the items on the list is to make sure to write everyday any thoughts, conversations or anything else that comes to mind during the day. Keeping notes about what happened throughout the day can lead to some wonderful stories that others would love to read.

The second item on the list is to become a professor, and put this education to use. Instead of watching it waste away with nothing to show for the hard effort to pass all classes.

The third thing is to keep the children interested in the schoolwork that they are required to learn in the upcoming school year. The children love to learn and they also love to add more items to our terrarium.


There are other things that she would love to accomplish this year along with the ones that are listed. She will manage to make every goal this year.

This chilly weather this morning as the fog goes over the mountains. The children are waking up and it is time to start the day of homeschooling. They enjoy every minute of being at home. Some parents think that homeschooling is not good for children because they do not socialize as much as public school children do.

Personally, I believe that my children have done better at home because they receive that one on one experience that they would not get in public school. They have a social life, and spend time with other children.

They enjoy the time that they spend with their friends. Some people say that their children will not know how to kiss or how to communicate with other children especially during highschool.

Well again my personal opinion is that children are going to school for an education not to learn how to kiss, do drugs, or anything else. There are too many things going on in the world today and to many things that parents have to worry about. They should not have to worry about their little children getting drugs or anything else from other children.


Well the first weekend of the new year is over. Students and teachers across the state are heading back to school. The chilly air this morning leaves the feeling of warmth as the wood stove burns to keep the house warm for the children.

There is nothing like waking up in the morning to the aroma of fresh cut wood, and the aromatic smells from the foldger’s coffee brewing. The sounds of the interstate traffic going in either direction to reach their destination.


The day starts off with coffee, and a nice little fire. The children are sleeping and the husband went to work. As she sits here in the kitchen looking out at the frost covered ground. Listening to the traffic go up and down the interstate. Everyday wondering where they are headed, and what they will do when they reach their destination.

She sent the children on a scavenger hunt yesterday to find some items that they are learning about in class. They had fun and found most of the items on the list. Of course, some of the items were placed in the little terrarium that Dakota made to keep the pill bugs in to feed the frogs.

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