The Wonderful Seasons

Springtime is the most perfect time of the year because the flowers are starting to bloom, the trees are starting to get their leaves, and the birds are coming out even though they come out all year long. It is still my favorite time of the year. I enjoy sitting in the springtime sun watching the wildlife come and go. The stunning green leaves and beautiful flower’s that bloom in the springtime fill the air with the calming effect. Although it does mess with the nasal passages it is still the time when you can get the spring cleaning done, have a yard sale without having a heat stroke, and enjoy the family time. Watching the insects and learning about the many things that come alive when springtime comes. The children enjoy learning about the variety of bugs that come out in the springtime and enjoy collecting the insects to feed the lizards and frogs that they have in their terrarium. The springtime is the best time of the year to find insects because you do not have to worry about tics, or other pests that would disturb your learning experience. Summer of course, is the hottest season of the year and you do not feel like doing much outside because of the hot weather. Of course, you can find some wonderful insects and flowers blooming all around the yard. Growing a garden is the best time of all of these seasons because you will have fresh produce and lots of other good things to eat. This spring I have planted lilies, carnations, and many other flower’s in the front yard. In the side yard I have planted tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers and they are looking wonderful right now.

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