Give three examples of important tradeoffs that you face in your life

Some of the tradeoffs that she faces in her life deal with the things that take up time. Homeschooling, college, work, and family. Sometimes it is hard to make enough time in the day for these things that she holds dear to her heart. Sometimes there is not enough time, and you have to ensure that you have the time to get the required things done with the allocated time you have during a day. You have to spend your time wisely. To manage to get the items done in the time; you have set out for those items. 

First, homeschooling the future of her children is at stake here. So, making the right amount of time to spend with her children to make sure that they; learn the basic concepts they will need to know in the real world. Secondly, college; to further her career and learning experience, she needs to make the most of her college learning experience and use the information in the outside world. Many companies today are looking for people that are educated and understand the concepts of running a business. She needs to make sure that she has allocated enough time to understand what is learning in her classes; and how she can use them in the real world. 

Furthermore, making time for your family is the most important because they come first in your life. She knows that having your family stand beside you through the hard times, good times, and any other times that may become a part of your life. Making time for the family can involve many things like taking them out on an outing, having a barbeque, watching a movie together, or just spending quality time together as a family.

People do not manage their time wisely and stressing about things they need to accomplish throughout the day. Planning your day with schedules and making sure you have the goal set out. Achieving your goals will leave you feeling that you have accomplished something today. 

The part of your day that takes up at least eight hours of your time is work. Essential in making money to pay the bills and other things that you need in your life. Without money, you cannot accomplish much to allocate your time to make the money you need to make it in the world. Everything that you do in life revolves around money, and you cannot make ends meet without that green paper money that everyone strives to make enough of to make life easier and without worries. Some of the things that you learn in college help you understand the concepts in the real world. Any business that wants to make money is why they are a business.

8 thoughts on “Give three examples of important tradeoffs that you face in your life

  1. Thanks. Loved this. My tradeoffs have concerned homeschooling my son, having Fibromyalgia and my son having Autism. A lot of changes and challenges, good and otherwise, but I’m learned a lot. Great post. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your response. We all have tradeoffs in our life. This was one of my discussion questions in college and I enjoyed writing about the different tradeoffs that I face in my life. I am glad that you enjoyed reading it…:)


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