The World is a Promiscuous Place

As she watched the news today, they were talking about how people deal with having no caffeine and how doctors consider it a mental disorder. The lack of caffeine can cause you to have headaches, feel fatigued, and many other symptoms. Everything in this world has a mental disorder and soon people will have all kinds of things wrong with them. It is truly amazing that things have turned out this bad in our so-called America. The news also stated that the FDA was looking to try to control what food items have caffeine in them because it has effects on children. It is not the children’s fault for drinking or eating caffeine products. No one talks about how parents allow their children to eat or drink items that contain caffeine. Many parents buy their children whatever they want just so they will be quiet and they will not have to deal with them if they have what they want. How did people survive in the olden days when caffeine was rare? Getting a soda or anything that contained sugar was a treat unless it was homemade by your mother. Today it is all about convenience and of course, people pay the price for convenience. They want it now and nothing will stand in their way because they want it now. It does not matter if they have the money because they will take from one thing so that they can have it right now. It is convenient to buy Pop tarts, sugar filled cereal, cakes, candy bars, sodas, and many other things for your children to eat. However, it is inconvenient to buy things that actually take time to prepare because it is better for you in most aspects.

People buy these products to keep their children occupied so that they do not have to deal with them. Just like buying your children whatever they want when you go out to eat. It is quite amazing that people buy their children everything that they want and ask for in this day and time.  With the economy the way that it is, they spend and spend. It is as if they have a never-ending supply of money and they think that it will never run out. What is everyone going to do when the United States government starts telling them what they can and cannot use to wipe their behind? How are people going to react when the government stipulates when they can go and get gas from the gas station or they start rationing food as they did during the 1920’s? People just do not understand that the world is going in the same direction that it did during those times. They say that the economy is getting better and there is a surplus of jobs. Where are these jobs China, Asia, Europe, and other countries?  What are the college students going to do when they cannot find a job with the education that they spent getting?

Decadent Americans who think that money grows mysteriously on trees and they will never run out of money.  Americans do not speak out enough about what is happening in the world today. While taking classes at the University of Phoenix some of the electives included history and of course, you find out a lot of valuable information when taking these classes. Some of the things that the items covered in those classes talked about the 1920’s, The Stock Market Crash, The Great Depression and many other historical items. However, when you talk to people about these types of things they look at you as if you are crazy and you do not know what you are talking about and they do not see how one thing as to do with the other. They think that the world is getting better, and there are not any problems with what is happening in the world today. If they would only pick up some books and read about things that happened years ago, they would understand that those same things are happening now.

More to come…..

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