In researching the strengths of developing an aqua phonics greenhouse would be to reassure consumer’s that there are researchers are on the job that are making sure the correct precautions are being taken to keep the business going. By performing natural checks to assure that the ph. levels are being watched strenuously to achieve the maximum yield, while experiencing  high production volume and would allow variations in the items or products that the business would offer to the consumer’s. Having a small business would require the owner to look into a variety of marketing channels to go through to get the business within the community. Furthermore, the owner would have to assure consumers that the produce is locally grown, and environmentally responsible for the products that they are offering to their customers. By having, a good relationship with the customer will in return send great publicity from those customers’.

Some of the weaknesses that would be included in this type of business would be the willingness for the customer to pay the price for those products, and how much are they not going to pay in regards to the competition around your business. By challenging, the business to keep the aqua phonics system balanced to get the right return on their investment, and installing heavy feeders and other production requirements to keep the production moving without failure. Furthermore, there can be major start up investment with this type of business especially when it comes to the materials, pipes, fish, and other items that may be necessary for the business to get off the ground running. By implementing a rural distribution system that will allow room to grow the business. Keeping plants secure from the hot summers is another weakness that the business will suffer if the right materials are not put in place to keep the plants from getting too much light. The business has to reassure the consumers that the produce is totally environmentally safe for the consumer. Everyone has the wonderment of whether or not the business can make money off of aqua phonics. Another weakness with this type of business would be the labor of it because once it reaches the peak of harvesting time extra hands would be necessary for production purposes.

Furthermore, the opportunities of making more healthy choices when it comes to eating the vegetables, herbs, and other items that the business will have. In providing fresh produce to the customer’s that the business relies on. This type of business will also lead to growth of gardening and provides a learning experience like nothing else. The backyard ponds and the other applications of the aqua phonics system will have to be maintained so that the maximum yield is met, along with retooling anything that pertains to keeping the product to the customer’s standards. The small business would need to implement a return for certified organic. This could be a branding opportunity for the aqua phonics greenhouse, and would be a high value niche markets for a small business to provide the organic produce to the consumer’s within the community.

Finally, the last part of the SWOT analysis is the threats that the aqua phonics business would have such as: technological obsolescence, food desirability, fashion obsolescence, green washing, an intensive livestock of variations of fish for the consumer, and competition in the greenhouse. Aquaculture industries depending on the area and location of the aqua phonics business,  by having a high value fish this means a higher development cost for the business because of the production, as with any other business the high and rising energy costs that are effecting all business. This aqua phonics business will use the shade cloth, and plastic to keep the energy costs down. By putting a timer on the aqua phonics system this allows the levels to stay the same to produce the certified organic produce. Another threat is to make sure that the aqua phonics keeps clear of those pests that like to try to take over the plant by using certified organic fertilizers on the products.  

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