The will and Desire to work towards goals

All I can say to that is WOW! It is quite amazing that only 3% of the class had the desire, dedication, and vision to make it through this world. I would have to agree that many people that I work around are not all that worried about how they are going to spend their future. Right now I am working on my dreams of becoming financially stable and working for myself. I know that it will take time but these are goals that I have set out for not only myself but for my family as well. Many of the people that I talk to are just worried about the current day and not worried about what the future holds. Many of them are not thinking about their future and what they would like to do. Now that I am older I see that there are certain things that you have to set out in order for them to happen you have to work at it. What we are doing is working on what we can with the money that we have available and if we have things for other parts of the plans that we have and do not have the money we work on the things that we have the items for. Right now we are working on 10 acres of land and working on getting our trailer fixed up so that we can pay rent to ourselves and reinvest that money that we would be spending on rent on the property. One day I know that we will finally have our own business and the first one will hopefully be campsites on the property. Because from our property you can see all four mountains. I think that the same percent of people that I work with does not have set goals or visions for their future.

Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs are used to show information about the company’s progresses or recesses. Although graphs and charts are used for a variety of things within a business. Some provide more detail than others a histogram used variables and are measured on a interval scale. By using these variables the business or company can see how they fall onto the histogram. When a company uses a bar chart it shares some of the similarities that the histogram does but it also measures the frequency on each of the categories used within the graph. By using these graphs and charts this will give the company or business the visual representation of the data that is collected within the graphs or charts. Furthermore, the graphs and charts are an excellent way to interpret the data that is being presented to the company or business. Understanding of such charts is needed to be able to understand the data that comes along with the charts and graphs. If company’s or business’s did not have charts and graphs they would just be looking at a variety of numbers that would not mean much without the graphs and charts. When we think about the data in charts and graphs which have the ability to condense the large amounts of information into formats that are easier to understand which would allow the person presenting the graphs and charts a more effective way of communicating the data that is involved with the graphs or charts.

Decadent Americans

Decadent: (noun) a person who is luxuriously self-indulgent

Decadent Americans today waste more food than most people could imagine. A few weeks ago, a server starts taking pictures of the food that people waste. Of course, this is something that many people cannot stand because people who work hard for their money do not allow her children to waste food at all. It is a sin to waste this much food without any remorse to how other people in the world are suffering from the lack of food. Yet here are the Americans wasting food as if it is nothing. It is rather amusing especially when you ask them if they would like a Togo box for their food and they decline because they are on vacation. Even people who live within the area decline on taking food home because they do not care. Wasteful people will soon know what it is like not to have food. A year or so ago a girl had to take an elective course so she picked a history class. One of the assignments the students had to pick out a film during the depression and write an essay on it. The girl chose “The Grapes of Wrath” and her children sat with her while she watched the film. This movie depicted how life was during “The Great Depression” and how they traveled all the way to California with little to no food losing family members along the way. In the real world, you would not like to watch people waste this food instead of taking it home.

Most people do not care how much they spend on the food that they eat. They will order what they want and how much they want regardless of the consequences. Throughout, the course of a shift a server watches as several families come in and order their children’s food regardless of whether or not the child actually eats the food. Every day pounds of food will end up in the garbage with no concern about the starving people in other countries. Every day on the television, you will see at least one commercial that talks about the children in other countries who are malnourished, ribs showing, clothes falling off, and then you look at the decadent Americans that waste on a daily basis. Do the Americans not care anymore what they waste or maybe they do care but they do not worry about what is going on. There will come a time in everyone’s life when Americans will wish they had not thrown out any of the food especially when hard times come as they did during “The Great Depression”.

The server watches another day of wasteful people in the world because the consumer could not finish what they had ordered. People do not understand that other people in other countries are starving while the Americans are throwing out food. In researching, the internet for the top countries that are starving for food the results show that Asia, Ex-Soviet Republics, Pacific Islands, Afghanistan, North Korea, and Sudan. Americans today have so much when people in other countries do not have enough work, food, and access to productive resources like water, and other resources to help their families survive. Millions of children die in these countries due to malnutrition and lack of water. However, you sit here and see decadent Americans buy whatever they want when they want of course, it is their money, and they can use it the way that they would like too. One day a family came in and ordered a full rack of ribs for their son regardless of whether or not the child would eat all of it. The child ate half of the ribs and the family did not want to take it with them so the server had to throw out a half a rack of ribs along with some of the sides that the child left on the plate. Back in the old days, children did not order for themselves because the parents did the ordering and if you did not eat it they took it home and when you were hungry, that is what they gave you.

It is amazing that studies show that the world is overweight and obese but yet people still continue to eat what they want and how much they want without regards to the damages that it does to your health. No matter what anyone says or does people are still going to eat what they want. They are going to order the things that they want and not think about the consequences of their actions until it is too late.

Marketing Plan

By having an effective marketing plan that is influenced by the customer’s and the wants or needs of those customer’s. The importance of customer feedback is something that is very important to any and all business’s. To get the right feedback about the products or services that are offered within that business. Designing products are made with the consumer in mind because the product is what the customer is asking for. Marketing the product or service will influence the consumer to buy the product and that is what the business is shooting for. The consumer’s have to have faith in the products that they buy or they will not purchase them. If the product or service does not meet the consumer’s needs they will find it somewhere else. Positioning the product is another important factor that must be taken into consideration in order to maximize the profit of those products or services. Once the target market and motives are identified the effective marketing plan can influence the consumer’s that purchase the products or services. Earning the customer’s trust is the key issue when building a solid foundation of products or services that are offered to the consumer. Without an effective marketing plan the product or service could not be profitable to the company.

Mission, Vision, Values, and Environmental Scanning

By describing, the three critical components of environmental scanning that would apply to the business that I have chosen which would be an organic aqua-phonics greenhouse. Within this paper, I will discuss the purpose of the business clearly and succinctly. I will discuss three of the critical components that would apply to Ponder Hill Enterprise’s. The only stakeholder’s are the owner’s Tammy and David where Tammy takes care of the paperwork, and other business related items. David takes care of the daily maintenance of the Enterprise. Therefore, by making sure that everything is in running order for the business. The external components of the business would include the vendors, consumer’s, suppliers, or anyone else that the business has within their company.
In defining environmental scanning this is the acquisition and use of information about the current events, trends, and relationships within the business’s external environment. A company mission statement is what separates them from other company’s like them and helps to identify the scope of the business operations. The mission statement clearly states the business’s product, market, and technological areas that will emphasis the way the company reflects on values, and priorities of the strategic decision makers within the business. There are implications to everything that is done within the business therefore, there would be needs to attend to if the company or business is not profiting or standing up to their mission statement. This would indicate that the mission statement of the company would need to be looked at. In this day and time the sustainability, that defines your business and goals within the market place. As a business owner, she will have to make the decisions about the business and everyday operations. Creating the mission statement for your business needs to be looked at or memorized and the owner should always stick to the promises they make to consumers. By looking at the long-term objectives, of Ponder Hill Enterprises that I would like to build within the next few years. The owner would need to consider the following: return on investment, competitive positioning of the product, technological leadership within the business, profitability, and other objectives as well. According to Pearce & Robinson (2004), the thorniest issues faced in defining a company mission are those that pertain to responsibility.

Mission Statement
The mission of Ponder Hill Enterprises is to provide eco-friendly ways to cut back on pollution and save money in the process. To provide fresh produce all organic with no chemicals of any kind.

Vision Statement
Our company’s vision statement is to become the America’s leading consumer company for organically fresh foods.

Values Statement
Ponder Hill Enterprise’s values statement is to be driven by the creativity, resourcefulness, focus, and entrepreneurial spirit to have the support of the consumer’s. To have an inspired and diverse team that respects the contribution from everyone within the company. To ensure the health and safety of our people surrounding are paramount. Ponder Hill Enterprise’s will prove to be a leader in their responsibility for the environment. That the integrity of the company is never compromised and that they make a positive contribution to the society.

Pearce, J. A., II, & Robinson, R. B., Jr. (2005). Strategic management: Formulation, implementation, and control (9th ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Irwin

Remote Environments

The remote environment has a variety of factors that compromise any type of firm’s operating situation. “The remote environment comprises factors originating beyond, and usually irrespective of, any single firm’s operating situation—economic, social, political, technological, and ecological factors” (Pearce & Robinson, 2005). As the world changes so do, the trends with clothing books and other leisure activities that people like to do. This type of environment presents the firm’s with opportunities threats and constraints. In the economy today it is hard for contractor has to keep their business going because of the slow times. For example in Gatlinburg Tennessee there are usually a few lay offs because of the slow activity during the winter months. Being in construction during these down times is not an easy task because many people or businesses are not looking for repairs or improvements for the next season. The industrial environment has factors that influence a firm’s prospects originates within the environment of the industry including the entry barrier’s competitor rivalry the availability of substitutes and the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers. The operating environment comprises factors that influence a firm’s immediate competitive situation along with competitive position customer profiles creditors suppliers and the labor market. All of these factors will create challenges that the business must face throughout the experience. This will allow the firm to attract or acquire the needed resources and allow the business to earn a profit by marketing the goods or services that they offer.

Pearce, J. A., II, Robinson, R. B., Jr. (2005). Strategic management: Formulation, implementation, and control (9th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

Social Responsibility


All business’s have a social responsibility to their employee, executives, Board of Director’s, and stockholder’s. The business is also held accounted for the customer’s, suppliers, creditors, governments, unions, competitors, and the public as well. Everything that is done within the world today has channels to run through. An excellent example for this would be the company that I am working for now. Ruby Tuesday’s is known to be a bar and grill where customer’s can come to have a good time and enjoy their dinner or watch the games that happen to be playing that day. Ruby Tuesday’s is coming up to the gaming season but in the process they have made some changes to what type of image they want to set. Furthermore, if the company did not set standards they would not make a profit and would not keep customers if they do not live up to the promise that they make to the customers. Today I was serving an older couple and before they left, the woman said that she was very pleased with her experience with us today. She said that it was nice to go out and have a nice dining experience instead of the fast food. The whole point of being in business is to make an impact on the customer’s that come into your establishment. Finding out what your customers like and dislike is a great tool to understanding what they expect when shopping in your business. The mission statement of a company shows the customers that they are ready and willing to make them happy no matter what. “Social responsibility is a critical consideration for a company’s strategic decision makers since the mission statement must express how the company intends to contribute to the societies that sustain it” (Pearce & Robinson, 2004).

Simultaneous equations

Simultaneous equations are a set of equations containing multiple variables. What are two examples of how simultaneous equations are used in business? What are some of the different ways you can satisfy these equations?

When we think about simultaneous equations we find that they are not used just to find the points on any type of given graph that is given to you by your algebra teacher but we can also use the same type of equations within the business world as well as in the classroom. A visualization of the graph is helpful to find the information that is needed and to work the equation out. This will allow the business to see the growth, shrinkage, depletion, losses, and other various business methods that will occur within the company on a regular basis. A company or business might use these types of graphs to see how well a product is doing compared to other products on the same product line. Flow charts and pie graphs help the business to see what is doing the best and what products are not doing anything at all.

Company’s will use this information to forecast scenarios to make sure that the company is going to be a success with those types of products. Keeping track of the trends within the business world is a timely task but it has to be done in order to keep up with the growing trends with the business world today. Information can be another simultaneous equation within the business world because the company can predict what the product or service trends are within the global, local, or any other type of specific market. A company that I worked for would use the sales from last year and try and make it over those sales this year. Sometimes this would work out and sometimes it would not because you do not know how many customer’s are going to come into your establishment today but it is a goal for the business to try and beat and increase sales on any given day. Like all business’s they use these equations to predict the amount of sales that they would be doing.