Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs are used to show information about the company’s progresses or recesses. Although graphs and charts are used for a variety of things within a business. Some provide more detail than others a histogram used variables and are measured on a interval scale. By using these variables the business or company can see how they fall onto the histogram. When a company uses a bar chart it shares some of the similarities that the histogram does but it also measures the frequency on each of the categories used within the graph. By using these graphs and charts this will give the company or business the visual representation of the data that is collected within the graphs or charts. Furthermore, the graphs and charts are an excellent way to interpret the data that is being presented to the company or business. Understanding of such charts is needed to be able to understand the data that comes along with the charts and graphs. If company’s or business’s did not have charts and graphs they would just be looking at a variety of numbers that would not mean much without the graphs and charts. When we think about the data in charts and graphs which have the ability to condense the large amounts of information into formats that are easier to understand which would allow the person presenting the graphs and charts a more effective way of communicating the data that is involved with the graphs or charts.

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