Decadent Americans

Decadent: (noun) a person who is luxuriously self-indulgent

Decadent Americans today waste more food than most people could imagine. A few weeks ago, a server starts taking pictures of the food that people waste. Of course, this is something that many people cannot stand because people who work hard for their money do not allow her children to waste food at all. It is a sin to waste this much food without any remorse to how other people in the world are suffering from the lack of food. Yet here are the Americans wasting food as if it is nothing. It is rather amusing especially when you ask them if they would like a Togo box for their food and they decline because they are on vacation. Even people who live within the area decline on taking food home because they do not care. Wasteful people will soon know what it is like not to have food. A year or so ago a girl had to take an elective course so she picked a history class. One of the assignments the students had to pick out a film during the depression and write an essay on it. The girl chose “The Grapes of Wrath” and her children sat with her while she watched the film. This movie depicted how life was during “The Great Depression” and how they traveled all the way to California with little to no food losing family members along the way. In the real world, you would not like to watch people waste this food instead of taking it home.

Most people do not care how much they spend on the food that they eat. They will order what they want and how much they want regardless of the consequences. Throughout, the course of a shift a server watches as several families come in and order their children’s food regardless of whether or not the child actually eats the food. Every day pounds of food will end up in the garbage with no concern about the starving people in other countries. Every day on the television, you will see at least one commercial that talks about the children in other countries who are malnourished, ribs showing, clothes falling off, and then you look at the decadent Americans that waste on a daily basis. Do the Americans not care anymore what they waste or maybe they do care but they do not worry about what is going on. There will come a time in everyone’s life when Americans will wish they had not thrown out any of the food especially when hard times come as they did during “The Great Depression”.

The server watches another day of wasteful people in the world because the consumer could not finish what they had ordered. People do not understand that other people in other countries are starving while the Americans are throwing out food. In researching, the internet for the top countries that are starving for food the results show that Asia, Ex-Soviet Republics, Pacific Islands, Afghanistan, North Korea, and Sudan. Americans today have so much when people in other countries do not have enough work, food, and access to productive resources like water, and other resources to help their families survive. Millions of children die in these countries due to malnutrition and lack of water. However, you sit here and see decadent Americans buy whatever they want when they want of course, it is their money, and they can use it the way that they would like too. One day a family came in and ordered a full rack of ribs for their son regardless of whether or not the child would eat all of it. The child ate half of the ribs and the family did not want to take it with them so the server had to throw out a half a rack of ribs along with some of the sides that the child left on the plate. Back in the old days, children did not order for themselves because the parents did the ordering and if you did not eat it they took it home and when you were hungry, that is what they gave you.

It is amazing that studies show that the world is overweight and obese but yet people still continue to eat what they want and how much they want without regards to the damages that it does to your health. No matter what anyone says or does people are still going to eat what they want. They are going to order the things that they want and not think about the consequences of their actions until it is too late.

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