3 Ways to Make Your Site More Visually Appealing

You know this is true. Our whole life can be written down into a story or blog. Writing down our thoughts, and opinions about the people that we meet on a daily basis. The things that we do with our family or anything else in the world. Everyone has an opinion and voicing those opinions may help other’s get through some of the same problems that we have experienced at one point in our life.

Writing takes imagination, and thoughts throughout your life you have obstacles, and other issues that may arise and disrupt your thought patterns. Eventually, things work themselves out and you are back in the habit of writing about the things in your life. Making sure that you keep the reader’s interest with the information that you post on your blog. You do not want to be too open about things in your life however, some of the funniest things that have happened in your life can be part of a wonderful post. Maybe you have learned something from someone that you work with. Maybe, you have learned something from the customer’s that you serve on a daily basis.

Giving people advice about things that you have accomplished in your life could lead people to using the same advice in their life. You also need to make time in your life to keep the reader’s that you have established within your blog. Without updating your site you will lose some of the reader’s because they will find a blog with current and up-to-date information. It needs to be something that you know a lot about instead of winging it with mindless babbling.

The WordPress.com Blog

You guys use WordPress.com in all sorts of creative ways, documenting the adventures you take…

…the people you meet…

…the characters you create…

…the meals you prepare…

…and the places you live.

And you share a ton of amazing photographs. So be sure to show them off! Here are three tips on using photos to make your site more visually appealing:

  • Upload your very own custom header image to give your site a unique look and feel. Some themes even allow you to use featured images to display different header images on specific posts and pages. For a design that’s 100% unique to you, try out the Custom Design upgrade.
  • Don’t make readers squint to view your photos. Generally speaking, bigger photos are better, as long as they’re properly aligned. Check out the Get Flashy tutorial on Learn.WordPress.com for tips on aligning and resizing your images.
  • If the majority…

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New partnership could produce a 3D printer that prints objects 500 times faster and 10 times larger

Technology at it’s finest! It is truly amazing that the technology is moving faster than anything else.


3D printing is slow; so slow that printing an object several feet long is an arduous task that can take days. As a result, most 3D printers are tailored to printing small objects that take a few hours at most.

That could change for industrial-sized printers after the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and machine tool manufacturer Cincinnati Incorporated signed an agreement this month, 3Dprint.com reported today. The partnership will focus on creating a 3D printer capable of printing objects at 200-500 times the speed and 10 times the size of most current printers.

ORNL and Cincinnati Inc. will build the printer by adapting an existing Cincinati Inc. laser cutting machine to include 3D printing hardware. Instead of relying on spools of string-like plastic, it will rely on pellets of an unnamed polymer.

Pellets are both a cheaper and more flexible source of “ink” for a 3D…

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Love Is…A Valentine’s Day Roundup

You are a wonderful blogger. I really enjoyed reading this blog. You can see love in every shape and size.

The WordPress.com Blog

Love…it comes in different shapes and sizes, and means so many things to so many people. On this auspicious day we wanted to show our love for the myriad ways you express love on WordPress.com.

Versed in love

We were struck by littlepeace’s haiku mediation on the “joy of now” when you’re in love over at Innocence Abroad.

(the) present

be here now — with you
driving down snow-covered streets,
evening armchair talks

be here now — with you
pea shoots, tomato fragrance
worm ends in rich soil

be here now — with you
laughing together, today,
with crinkled-eye smiles

be here now — with you
this moment, this moment, this,
enjoying the gift

Nicholas Gagnier‘s spare, beautiful love poem, A Crumpled Valentine, is a lovely reminder that when it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts.

Love in photographs

Photographer Steve McCurry has traveled the…

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NASA solves mystery of ‘jelly donut’ on Mars | Fox News

Interesting enough to read what it really was. When you first look at the pictures it does resemble a jelly doughnut even though it was just a rock. It sounds interesting and wonder what it would be like to work around these types of things all the time. This reminds me of an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” and how Howard got the Mars Rover stuck in the ditch.

NASA solves mystery of ‘jelly donut’ on Mars | Fox News

Property for Sale in Newport, Tennessee

It is a lovely piece of property. It is surrounded by four mountains. The calming effect that it has on the human body cannot be expressed with words.

Tennessee Property for Sale

Please bear with us this site is under construction.

Track 37 9.92 Acres Track 37 9.92 Acres

This property is 9.92 acres in Newport, Tennessee. It has a 5,000 square foot barn on the property with three levels a loft on the top, a shop on the lower level, and a middle section that has room for all your vehicles, and other things that you may want to store. Along with two pond beds. The amenities include four seasons, close to all attractions in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville. The owner of the property is asking $155,000 for the 9.92 acres. Any questions about the property please contact David Reddick at 850-456-1502.


This is one of the trails that we have made throughout the property. You can walk all the way down to the bottom of the property from the top. The abundance of deer, birds, and other wildlife that you will see…

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The Second Terrarium

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We have started another terrarium this year and the children are excited about it. We have already seen some different things within the terrarium so far. A fungus that climbs up  the wall not sure of what type it is right now but researching it.  Along with some egg sacs that were laid quite recently. This will be a long ongoing process to learn more about how insects and their habitat.


There are ear wigs in there and they have made a home where the soil hits the rocks in the right hand corner.  The egg sacs are cloth like eggs and we are in the process of finding out more about the egg sacs that are in the terrarium.  We have ants,  pill bugs,  millipede,  and much more within the terrarium.  Still 86 degrees or higher right now.  The children are excited about learning about the insects again as well as I.  It is important to learn more about how the insects live, eat, and do the things that they do.


These egg sacs are located everywhere in the soil.  We have seen them before but did not study  them until now. We have found out that it is a fungi that grows in the soil.


This fungi started out small and grew alot in just a short period.  It is interesting to watch to see the different stems that the fungi has and the many different ways that it can move on the surface.  The context is amazing because of the different colors that a fungi has.  It started out grayish and then turned an off white. As it was going up the glass it turned white then a few hours of being in the glass it turned a brownish white.


As the fungi comes up the window it changes colors on the way up.  Because of the difference in temperature as it is climbing up the glass towards the artificial light.


When it climbs up the glass it grows and spreads it’s stems all over the glass.  It does not get far up the glass without dying a little as it goes along.


We placed some tape on the glass to keep it closed while we have insects in there.  This is going to turn out to be a wonderful experience and looking forward to seeing the results from this project. It is amazing to watch the frogs,  and grasshoppers interact with each other.  The children are excited to see more about these insects that they will be catching over the upcoming year.


You cannot see it very well but there is a frog in the terrarium. His name is Bob one of the children named him that.  We have a lizard named Liz, some pill bugs,  and a lot more different insects.  Another great project underway. It is going to be interesting to see what comes out of the soil.


This is Liz and it is  neat to watch him or her change colors. The lizard likes to sit on the beams if the terrarium so that he or she can are all aspects of the surrounding area.  It is neat to watch him or her catch food in the terrarium.


This is Rhipsalis it is in the cacti family. Although it is not a good plant for the terrarium because the toads and lizard likes to beat the Rhipsalis downtown the soil. Eventually it will take root and develop into more plant life for the toads and other insects to hide under.


It is amazing to watch these items grow right before your eyes.  Into more than what they started out to be.  The bigger they are the better the insects can hide from other prey.  The children have caught pill bugs,  larva,  lady bug eggs for the lizard and lots of other things to keep the food population going so they have plenty of food.


Our pond that we made in the terrarium for the insects that enjoy water.  It is looking good and it is very interesting to observe the insects that the children pick from outside.


This is a red fungi coming up the wall of the terrarium the other day. It is interesting to watch and observe what you might see if you look long enough.


This is a minature palm, and a parlor palm next to the minature palm. The toads like it to sit in to look for food that is moving around on the soil.

2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,000 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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The ‘Law’ Of Evolution

Awesome article


As I said in an earlier post, the book Genetic Twist of Fate was quite good for to reasons. One, it did not litter the early chapters with a bunch of evolutionary ideology and two, it provided a lot of real information about genes, DNA and genetics in general.

Now e come to the chapter on evolution and it is called The Law of Evolution. You should notice that I put the word ‘la’ in quotes because in reality there is no such thing as the ‘law of evolution.’  This does not mean I put evolution back into the theory column where it resides right now.

Instead, I place the idea of evolution into the false teaching category for that is exactly what it is. It doesn’t matter how much ‘science’ evolutionists throw out there in supposed support of their idea because their science is inferred and their scientists ignore…

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