New partnership could produce a 3D printer that prints objects 500 times faster and 10 times larger

Technology at it’s finest! It is truly amazing that the technology is moving faster than anything else.


3D printing is slow; so slow that printing an object several feet long is an arduous task that can take days. As a result, most 3D printers are tailored to printing small objects that take a few hours at most.

That could change for industrial-sized printers after the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and machine tool manufacturer Cincinnati Incorporated signed an agreement this month, reported today. The partnership will focus on creating a 3D printer capable of printing objects at 200-500 times the speed and 10 times the size of most current printers.

ORNL and Cincinnati Inc. will build the printer by adapting an existing Cincinati Inc. laser cutting machine to include 3D printing hardware. Instead of relying on spools of string-like plastic, it will rely on pellets of an unnamed polymer.

Pellets are both a cheaper and more flexible source of “ink” for a 3D…

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3 thoughts on “New partnership could produce a 3D printer that prints objects 500 times faster and 10 times larger

  1. Your blog has all sorts of interesting articles. Thank you. My son, the future engineer, took a class in which they designed things using a 3-D printer. He’s involved in a special project creating a 3-D printer which will be printed from a 3-D printer. It’s all over my head. But I’m very impressed.


    1. Thanks! I have only been doing this for a little while. Never thought that it would be read all over the world. I also try to reblog things that interest me. I like the fact that people enjoy the things that I write about. I thought that it would be interesting to have a 3D printer. Thanks for your comments.


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