Do You Have What it Takes To Be a Part of Our Team?

Although this article is good, I would have to say that these are questions that many companies ask potential employee’s that would want to work for their company. Of course, I am interested in the company or I would not have accepted the interview. So in answer to the three main questions:

Do you have the skills? Let us see here I went to college managed to graduate all three degree’s with a 3.0 or better. I have worked in numerous positions management wise. I have raised three children while attending college. (I know many people do this nowadays). However, after obtaining three degrees in Business Management and Business Administration that is not enough to obtain a job. Because I do not have experience in that field means that they will not give the job to me because they will pick the person who has experience in that field. How do you obtain the experience in that field? Well first, you have to meet someone that is willing to take a chance and give you the opportunity to obtain the experience for that field. That is hard to come by these days!

Are you enthusiastic? I go to work every day because that is what I have to do. Do I like my job? Yes! People that I work with love me because I work and I do my job. Do I motivate others? Yes! I love my job because of the customer’s that is why we are in business. The customer’s is what makes the company money. When they come into your company, establishment or business they are coming in to spend their money that they have worked hard for in return they want great customer service for the tangible or intangible items that you have with your business.

Will you fit into the team? Well you know because I have a great personality I believe that I fit into any type of team. I am what people would call a geek! I know this is on the internet however, I am who I am, and there is nothing that is going to change that. I love to learn new things. I am a leader not a follower I try to do any job with the intentions to get it done without regards to anyone else on the team. You have to work together to get something accomplished. This type of question can mean several different things if you stop and think about it. It could mean are you willing to spend an excessive amount of money and live above your means, take expensive vacations, buy the most expensive car or anything else. In my opinion, you have to be a leader and make sure that the people around you know that you are a leader.

You know for the last seven years I have been told that I have too much education, I do not have enough skills or knowledge, I am over qualified for every job that I apply for, and most of all the moment they find out I am homeschooling puts a big damper on finding the right job. I show up to work on time, I never call out, and when my schedule is changed well that is all part of it. Being in business means that you have to go beyond without regards to how it affects your life. You have to be willing to work countless hours to make sure that your employee’s are doing the job that they are required to do.

So the main question I have towards companies is what can your company do for me? Is there going to be continual learning in how your company works? I have given you a preview of what I can offer and there is more than what I have written here.

Tale Worth Telling…Tale Needing To Be Told

Way to go!!!! No one should have to suffer any type of abuse it is not natural. People need to speak up and out about something like this because there are people that can help….You should never have to keep things like this bottled up inside you because there are people that can help. No one should have to deal with being sexually, mentally or verbally abused.

The Internet is A World Wide Support Group


The life that we live is something that we will cherish throughout our life with the hope that one day our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will know the sacrifices that we have made through our life. Some may say that we have had a hard life but in reality we go through the same struggles that our ancestor’s went through many years ago. However, they did not have the modern conveniences that we have today with internet, Facebook or any other social media. Back then all they could do is write letter’s on paper and send them through the mail. Now, today we have all this technology that allows people from all over the world reach family, friends, coworkers, business partners, authors, publishers, and many others. As a person we are allowed to voice our opinions about how things are going in the world, our interests, likes, dislikes, trials, and triumphs. Something that will be with the world for years to come because once it is out there you can never take it back. Even though you delete it from your computer what ever you put on the internet is there to stay. Making your voice heard across the world is something that no one believes until it happens. You personally get to know the people who read your work, articles, essays, discussions, and anything else that you want to put on the internet.

The powerful feeling of knowing that someone else appreciates your work because you never thought that anyone would read anything that you had to say on the internet. Although she is not an author or novelist she is a writer that enjoys every aspect of writing. Learning new things from the followers that she has and the new follower’s that she will make in the future. The love and support from total strangers has made her all warm and appreciated inside for the hard work that she puts into her writing. The most interesting things can be found on someone’s blog from their trials, triumphs, achievements, disappointments, family, friends, and anything else that you would want to read about from all across the world. As a person you have the world by the wings and you can take it as far as you want to go with the inspiration to inspire other’s around you for the better. Making note of the obstacles in your life and how you handled those situations may give someone in another country the advice that they need if they are in the same situation.

In the years to come people will pull up your blog and learn about you and why you wanted to write about the opinions, trials, triumphs, accomplishments, and the advice that you had to give at that moment in time. They will pass the information onto colleagues, friends, family, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and anyone else that they think should read about the person who wrote the blog. You are making your mark in the world. Something to remember you by so make it something that you want other people to read. Enjoy what you are doing because you are making an impact across the world.

How to find a calling instead of a career

You know this is true! I work because I love what I do that is providing good customer service, and getting to know the customer’s. Everyone has a story to tell! For myself I work because I want to and I want more out of my future than most. Many people think that I am older than what I am because I act so mature. After going to college and learning many things about the business world I have come to realize that there is a special spot somewhere in the world for me. What I make of my life is my choice, and I cannot blame anyone for my life not going the way that I want it to. I appreciate you posting this because it is the truth. You are not working for a career, to just pay bills or anything else. You want to make an impression on the world. The only way to do that is to love what you do.

What Will You be Remembered For?


This is an essay that I wrote while going to classes for my GED in 2003 it was one of the first times that I actually kept something that I had written. I managed to get a 3.5 on it and the grade was based on the scales of the GED.

Even though I will probably never achieve fame, and fortune. There are some things that I will be remembered for like being a good mother, getting my GED, and just being myself.

Being a good mother is something that will be remembered because of all the things I do for my children as they grow up in their life, they will always appreciate you, and remember the times you kept them out of trouble, harm, and all the love that you gave them.

Another reason I will be remembered is because I achieved going to classes to get my GED. This is something that I have wanted to do for sometime now, and I will achieve it. My family will remember the trials and triumphs of my life.

The last thing that I would like to be remembered for is just being myself instead of someone that I am not. I would not want people to remember me in a way that was not true, and I would rather be remembered for being myself.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why someone would want to be remembered here are mine being a good mother, getting my GED, just being myself, and eventually getting a college education.

You know after reading this I have come to realize that I have just achieved everything that I want to be remembered for and now it is time to set some new things in place that I would like to be remembered for. I also have to say after going to college and having to write longer essays during those times. This one should not have gotten the grade that it did because it surely was not long enough. However, I am glad that the teacher gave me the grade that she did based on the scale of requirements from the GED. In the future I will work on this to make it better and fill in some of the missing pieces that should be included in such an essay.

The Quiet Versus The Loud

No matter where you are there are all types of noises that you cannot stand. When you are in a restaurant the noises around you dishes clanking, people talking about their life, server’s talking about what is going on in their life, music playing, and other noises that make you lose your train of thought. When you go to sleep at night and you lye in your bed looking at the ceiling trying to go to sleep but the noises around you keep you from going to sleep. It could be a rattle of the fence surrounding your home, birds chirping before they go to sleep for the night, the children running in and out of their bedrooms, the dog barking at the children for picking on him (Sham loves it of course) or anything else. It is the littlest noises that keep you from getting that good nights sleep. Sometimes it is hard to turn your brain off with everything that is going on in the world today. It is the quiet silence that drives a person insane. When the children went away for a couple of days the house was so silent and hard to bare. It is just not the same when you do not have noises around you like you always have. Sometimes you will turn on everything in your house just to make it sound like they are there. Well sometimes people cannot handle being in quiet surroundings. The only time the house is quiet right now is bright and early in the morning when we are having coffee, and listening to the birds chirp while the children are sleeping. I would not trade anything in the world for the noises that I hear on a daily basis. I believe that I would go insane when the children grow up and leave the house to start their own lives. It will be a sad day when that happens but hopefully, with everything that is going on in the world today they will stick close by instead of going far away from home.

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The Beautiful Azaleas In Our Yard








You know as I was walking around my yard looking at all the beautiful azaleas that we have in our yard I just had to take some pictures to show here on this blog. They are in full bloom and so pretty to look at. We have many flowers in our yard, and soon will start getting our garden in shape. Mother Nature is sure wonderful this time of year with the beautiful array of flowers that fill our yards. Of course, for some it is a damper on their allergy problems. However, even though my allergies cause me problems I still love the beautiful essence of having flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other things growing in our yard.

More pictures to come later on throughout the year.