Lake Superior’s Frozen Wonder: The Apostle Islands Ice Caves, Part II

How awesome would this be! It looks amazing and interesting. Thanks for posting.

Travel. Garden. Eat.

The media outlets are still featuring Lake Superior’s ice caves, with temperatures forecasted to reach 30°F (-1°C) this coming weekend, likely to result in large crowds trying to catch a last glimpse of these fleeting wonders.  The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore’s Facebook page posted this update yesterday, reminding all that the ice caves are not a permanent feature (and thankfully, that sub-zero temps are not, either, as many of us were beginning to wonder):

As the weather warms up, the walk to the ice caves will be more pleasant – but that also means that icicles will start melting and falling and there will be more slush on the ice – make sure not to stand under ice formations and wear waterproof boots – with ice cleats!

The Apostle Islands’ Facebook post provided a nice segue to another group of photos from our ice caves visit last Saturday.  Sub-zero temps meant no threat…

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