My Knife Scars From Poor Judgement

Knife Cut {reflect}

You know everyone has scars that they must live with throughout their life. Some are worse than others and they find ways to deal with the scars that they have in their life. Sometimes it is hard for people to talk about the scars that they have in their life. Other’s seem to talk about their scars like it is no big deal. Some people do not like to talk about the things that they have gone through because of the pain that it has caused in their life. There are just too many scars to mention here so she will talk about a few that she received over the years.

One day she was trying to pull sausage off the plastic it came on out of the freezer, she used a knife and the knife slide right through the plastic, under the sausage and she got herself in the hand. Not only did she not learn anything the first time she decided to do it again and now has a V shape on the palm of her hand.

Another experience involved trying to open a can with a knife because she did not have a can opener and she missed the can and now has a “T” between her thumb and forefinger. Of course, she has never tried this again because of the bad luck that she had with the previous encounters. She has learned a valuable lesson to never open cans or pry sausage from wrapping. LOL….

Well enough about the scars that she cannot forget. Of course, she knows that people will get a kick out of the stories behind the scars that she has on her hand. No matter what you do you will have scars from different parts of your life. Whether it be family, friends, boyfriends, work, or anything else that is pertinent in your life. All you can do is make the best of the scars and learn from them.

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