It is interesting what you find when you look through the piles of items stuck in the garage…..Thanks for sharing this awesome post.


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I was covered with dust and grime from digging through boxes in the garage when I found the one marked TOYS. Using a Swiffer cloth, I wiped off the small box and my hands.  What toys did we have that Mother would have saved and that Daddy would have tucked into the tightly stacked boxes on the shelving in the garage eaves?  We never had the money to buy anything expensive that would be worth keeping, so I couldn’t think what it could be.  I peeled away the packing and memories flooded my mind.

I was ten years old.  We had just moved from the San Fernando Valley to Simi Valley at the foot of the Simi Hills, close to Daddy’s new job testing rocket fuels at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.  Any money that Christmas season would go towards a modest Christmas dinner.  If there were…

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Google’s Project Tango could finally allow robots to roam free on the International Space Station

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The NASA SPHERES satellite drifts like a puck on an air hockey table, spinning slowly as its canisters release puffs of CO2 to steady its course. A Google Project Tango phone, which acts as the satellite’s eyes and brain, displays a heat map view of its surroundings.

A NASA SPHERES robot equipped with a Google Project Tango phone displays a heat map of the people it sees. Photo by Signe Brewster. A NASA SPHERES robot equipped with a Google Project Tango phone displays a heat map of the people it sees. Photo by Signe Brewster.

Its world is limited: a 6x6x6 foot cube that sits atop an almost perfectly level granite table so large a building in the NASA Ames Research Center campus had to be built around it. At a demonstration for NASA administrator Charles Bolden Tuesday, Smart SPHERES software development lead Zachary Marotto explained that’s because SPHERES used to rely on sound-emitting beacons attached to the walls of the cube to triangulate its location; microphones that pockmark the satellite’s surface would listen…

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Facebook says 375 million users play games per month

I would believe that! Just about everyone that I know plays games on Facebook and there are countless invitations that I receive. However, I do not play them anymore because people take it a little to far.


When it comes to games, Facebook (s fb) has been out of the drivers seat for quite a while. One need only look at the embattled Zynga to see Facebook’s decline in the gaming business — especially as mobile gaming rises. But the social media company is betting that embracing mobile and cross-platform engagement, rather than competing with it, will be the way to keep games growing in the future.

At panel Monday at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco, Aaron Brady, an engineering manager on the games team, highlighted some interesting statistics. According to an internal study, highlighted in a blog post, an average of 375 million people play Facebook-connected games each month, across both desktop and mobile. And cross-platform is a boon for the company: Cross-platform engagement is 2.5 times the level of mobile-only players, and 1.5 times the level of desktop-only players.

In a more selective second internal…

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Congratulations! I am at 90 right now….It is so exciting…

I have reached just over 100 followers this week!

Thank you ladies and gents! 😀

Keeping it classy!

I’m new to this whole blogging thing, so I am really just starting to get the hang of it, and I really appreciate that you are putting up with my terrible sense of humour and dealing with my lame-ass posts about the weather.

You guys rock!

Sorry. That was lame, too.


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Croatian Castles and Palaces

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Croatia, the War, and the Future

Croatia has more than seven thousand significant architectural objects of historic beauty, romantic intrigue, pride… and among them are about one thousand castles and palaces.

So Croatia has an impressive number of fortifications: almost every city on the coast and many on the mainland boast city walls or a fort or two. Over the centuries, Croatia’s lords and noble families were also busy building castles and palaces.
The distinction between these various structures is sometimes a little blurred, but generally, castles provided both protection and housing for a specific lord or noble family, while forts were not generally private residences, and palaces were not fortified.
Of Croatia’s castles, many are now in disrepair, but several have been well preserved or recently restored (like the Eltz Palace in Vukovar devastated by the Serb aggression in 1990’s) and have opened their doors to the public as museums or venues for events such…

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