Customer Service Winners and Losers

Customer Service


In my opinion, I do not think of any company that has provided the best customer service. Now as for the worst customer service where should I start? Throughout the many warranty's that I have purchased on equipment, or other technology tools I have yet to meet the best customer service. The first computer I bought was through Dell, a well known computer place. Well right before the warranty expired the computer started acting up and so I called tech support, and spent a long time on the phone with someone I could not understand. The customer Service representative crashed my computer and hung up on me. So I called them back and asked to speak to a manager. They finally got the computer fixed and working the way that is should. I was furious and I have never bought their computer's since. I will never buy another one. Another time I had bought a printer from Wal-Mart and purchased the warranty which apparently was only good for ninety days after the purchase. After the warranty expires you have to deal with the company who made the product. Well that was a mistake calling. The printer that I had bought would not print from the first day. I spent an hour or two arguing with the customer service representative about what was wrong with the printer. Any time that you call these people you have to waste your time putting the equipment back on the computer, and plugging everything back in so that these representatives can get onto your computer. Who knows what type of information they are getting off of your computer when they suddenly crash your computer. I have yet to buy another warranty because it is a waste of time and money.

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