Finding My Dark Side

Interesting it sounds like it is going to be a wonderful manuscript. Thanks for sharing….

Author K.D. Bloodworth


Finding my dark side for the manuscript I am working on has proved to be harder at times than I thought it would be and yet other times, easier.  Having decided that I needed to go into more detail of the dark, sick mind of serial killer’s character, I was lost for words.  I knew the direction I wanted the story line to proceed but how to go down that path was the problem at hand.

Locking myself into the character involved with the killer, I took myself to my deepest fears.  What would really terrify me?  How would I react?  How strong of a survivor would I be if my life hung in the balance?  Finding those answers, I then had to go dark in the killer’s character.

Have I read enough or researched enough to do down this path?  To my surprise, after just a few minutes the…

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