Wk 5 – Leadership

Awesome Post!!!! You must be a leader not a follower. Leadership is the main key to a successful business or career.


The 10 leadership skills I think are the most important for the success of a company are communication, listening, management, motivation, problem solving, delegation, planning, group organizing, charisma, and influence. The number one skill that I think should be most developed is the communication portion. A great communicator is able to motivate and inspire, which leads to influencing and individual or group. These are key elements needed to be good a leader. In addition to communicating to people, you need to to equally be able to listen to people, and even more importantly understand what they are telling you. I feel my skill set includes most of these, including communication. I learned a lot of my communication skills through the sign industry while working with clients and organizing their direction of logo designs and marketing strategies. I also was able to communicate back to my customers their needs and designs…

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