The Many Reasons Why I Went to College


One of the main reasons that I went to college was to further my career. When I was younger I did not like school because of several different reasons. However, when I completed my Associate’s degree in Business Management things, changed. I understood that for you to get a better job, you needed not; only the experience but the education to go along with that. Of course, the first few months of starting college were challenging to say the least. When you are working full-time, raising children, and making sure that you completed all the coursework you needed to complete the courses. It was a task somehow; I managed to make it through the first two years of college with a 3.10 GPA. How exciting it was finally achieve something.
After completing the associate’s degree I decided that I would go a little further and work on a bachelor’s degree because I wanted to prove to my children that they can do anything they put their mind to doing. Our children need to understand that they have options in this world. I remember a letter that my daughter wrote when she attended public school and one of the questions “Who are you proud of?” My daughter wrote; that she was proud of her mommy for getting her education and graduating college. You do not understand how emotional that was to read. The impact you make on your children is something that will last with you for the rest of your life. Knowing that I have influenced my children into making the right decisions about their future has made me a very proud parent.
She decided to go a step further with her education, and ended up getting in the pursuit of the bachelor’s degree came into effect, and taking only one class every six weeks made things a little easier. The best part of college was learning new things and making the best grades. I managed to make it through another two years of college while working full-time. Some people would ask me how I managed to do all that I do. It is simple when people want, things you will work hard to make them a reality. Getting a college education was something that I wanted to do so, I excelled in college. Towards the end of the bachelor’s degree, I thought about where I wanted to go next. When the final classes were approaching advisors, were calling to see what I wanted to do next. After graduating with a 3.02 GPA, I decided that the next step would involve more college. You know some times you feel like your college education is not worth the hassle. Because of the limited amount of experience you have within the workforce. Sometimes you can fall into a depressed state because you feel like your education is holding you back.
Most companies you apply to usually tell you that you have too much experience you will not work for the amount they are willing to pay. Other companies tell you that you do not have enough experience for the job at hand. The whole point of going to college is to obtain an education and then find a job; where you can get the experience. While looking through the classifieds, I see very few jobs, and; all required; five to ten years of experience in that field. However, one cannot obtain the experience without the company taking a chance and allowing the person needed for that position.
Still, despite achieving goals that I have set for myself in the pursuit to obtain a better education, I decided to go along and enroll in a Master’s Degree in Business Administration/Small Business. Eventually, one day I would like to have my own business and have something that I can leave to my children when I leave this world. Upon entering into the Master’s Degree you had to keep your GPA above a 3.0. Of course, for some people, this is hard to do, and towards the end of the master’s program; it was an issue for me however, I had to put it in my mind that my education is the key to my success within the business world. After everything that I have gone through with the years of going to college master’s was the biggest challenge, I faced the whole time of going to college. If I had it to do all over again, I would, in a second because; it was an awesome achievement. I graduated in 2012 with a 3.05, and it was the biggest achievement that I have had throughout the years.
I have watched many people start college and quit because they do not have the time to party or go out with their friends. I on, the other hand wanted more out of my life than to work all my life for someone else. I had the pleasure of going to college with some fabulous people and shared in some awesome discussions from every topic you can think of throughout your college courses. I have even written about some of the things that I do at my current job in the essays I had to write for different business classes. I also had the pleasure of having some great professors; that helped you understand the information given in class.
Now graduating, it is time to put my career in full motion and work achieving, the goals of gaining the experiences needed to further my career. Patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait. I know that all the hard work that I have put into my education will pay off in the end.
So here, to the future, and for those who think that college is a waste of time, you need to rethink your thoughts and find out where you want to be five years or even ten years from now.

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