My Goal For the Upcoming Year as a Blogger


In 2010, I started this blog as a project with papers, and discussion questions from college. I should have kept everything that I did in college just for this purpose. However, in the last two years I have noticed that the more I write the more people visit my blog. I was amazed at the amount of people that  have viewed my blog in many different countries. I am pleased with the outcome. I made a promise to my husband, children, and to myself that I would write in a journal everyday for a whole year. Well two years ago and I have written more about my life than I could have imagined. Somewhere about 200,000 words later I can read about my life and the things that I have accomplished over those years. With 120 followers I am excited about my blogging because of the inspiration from others. So I hope to make it to 300 followers or more before the end of the year. I know that I cannot post everyday because of the load that is already on my plate. However, I will achieve my goal because I love to write. Some of the things that come out of my head will eventually make their way onto paper or in my journal. Maybe even my blog. So here is to the upcoming year. I look forward to reading everything that my follower’s have to write about and I hope that they enjoy the things that I write about….

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