Huge Sexy Sky Beach Sunset Panorama

Very Awesome Picture Don! I love it I cannot wait to take picture’s of the beaches here in Florida.

Don Charisma

Gotta love the big sky made by 31 photos merged together ‚Ķ sexy, yes, anyone for cocktails, sex-on-the-beach ūüôā

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

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Who Says Children Do Not Work?

You know I get told all the time that I will not have any luck getting my teenager's to do any work in the yard, garden, house or anywhere else. Well since we have homeschooled for the last four years I have gotten more work out of my children than I did when they were … Continue reading Who Says Children Do Not Work?

Reexamining the Reblog

If anyone has conflictions about the items that I reblog please feel free to let me know. I find that most of the items that I reblog are interesting, beautiful, and something that I would like to share on my blog. I understand the concept and thinking that the person on the other side might be a spammer. I would just like to say that I enjoy reading and reblogging interesting information that other’s post. I also try to leave a comment to the owner of the blog about the material that I have read.

The Daily Post

The last time we discussed reblogging, your opinions in the comments were mixed:  some of you felt that reblogging was a great compliment, and others felt that it was something akin to theft.

We here at The Daily Post love a good etiquette debate, so let’s wade back in, shall we?

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