Huge Sexy Sky Beach Sunset Panorama

Very Awesome Picture Don! I love it I cannot wait to take picture’s of the beaches here in Florida.

Don Charisma

Gotta love the big sky made by 31 photos merged together … sexy, yes, anyone for cocktails, sex-on-the-beach 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

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Who Says Children Do Not Work?

You know I get told all the time that I will not have any luck getting my teenager's to do any work in the yard, garden, house or anywhere else. Well since we have homeschooled for the last four years I have gotten more work out of my children than I did when they were … Continue reading Who Says Children Do Not Work?

Reexamining the Reblog

If anyone has conflictions about the items that I reblog please feel free to let me know. I find that most of the items that I reblog are interesting, beautiful, and something that I would like to share on my blog. I understand the concept and thinking that the person on the other side might be a spammer. I would just like to say that I enjoy reading and reblogging interesting information that other’s post. I also try to leave a comment to the owner of the blog about the material that I have read.

The Daily Post

The last time we discussed reblogging, your opinions in the comments were mixed:  some of you felt that reblogging was a great compliment, and others felt that it was something akin to theft.

We here at The Daily Post love a good etiquette debate, so let’s wade back in, shall we?

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