Sharing My Weakness As A Writer: Grammar

As many other people who struggle with grammar I have to say that I have gotten a little better at watching the grammar mistakes. I usually find them when I go back to edit the material that I have written. I feel your frustration….:)

The Krystol Method

I love to keep it real with my readers! With that being said I have to tell you a weakness that I have. I know I shouldn’t have it and it seems VERY basic but it is a struggle that I have. Yes, grammar! Grammar I hate it with a passion. I thought that I was getting better but I guess I am not. It has come to my attention that I need to work on my grammar. I was embarrassed and thought, ” Oh no! I need to get a handle on this.” It’s funny I got good grades in English class, but I guess this part of it I just so happened to not do so well in. What I have done to help me work on my grammar is to read constantly. During my stay at FullSail University, I made some great friends. When we learned and…

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