The Bitter Cold | Prompt

Oh! How I miss the mountains covered with snow, and watching it fall onto the ground covering the roads so that you cannot go anywhere. Those days are no longer around in the sunny state of Florida. Of course, this past winter the small town I am from received more snow than they did the year before. Heating with a wood stove, and looking at those covered tips of the mountains gives you a sensation that you will never forget.

The calming serenity that the mountains hold in your heart will keep you going back to see them every year. The chilly temperatures in the winter, and having four or five inches of snow on the roads give you the family time that is much needed after working so hard. Although many people do not like being snowed in for long periods of time. Mother nature does not take that into advisement. (LOL) 🙂

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Advice Ignored

I’m out in northern BC today for a presentation today and it is chilly. -19 with windchill chilly.

So for today’s prompt, write about the cold. Pay special attention to the sensations, the strange thing your body feels that aren’t ordinary.

As always, write a sentence, a scene, or a story all about the cold.

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What it Takes to be a Leader

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