What it Takes to be a Leader

Many people do not understand the concepts of being a leader within the workplace. They become too involved in the lives of other people that they work with. They become friends, which ends up causing problems down the road. People do not understand that you have to show your employee is that you are willing to make things happen. Many of the problems that people see in the workplace are favoritism. Many manager’s make it a point to treat other’s better than some because of one reason or another. This can cause animosity with other employee’s because the rules only apply to certain employee’s and not all employees.

Let us look at the definition of being a leader shall we: A person that leads or guides, which means that person is someone that leads or is in charge of the people working for them.

Motivation is something that is lacking within the workplace. Many companies do not want to motivate their employee’s because it requires too much work. However, this could come back and bite them somewhere they do not want. Motivation is necessary to keep the aspects of the company in good standing. Having a bright smile and interacting with the customer’s is something that needs improvement within most companies. Many people will pay close attention to some of the things that should stand out when entering an establishment, restaurant, company or anywhere.

For example, when you walk into a restaurant you want to see bright smiles, happy faces, and maybe some good conversation. Getting to know your customer’s will make them regular’s that will come in just to see your smiling face. When people walk into a restaurant and see frowns and no interaction with the customer’s they do not feel like they appreciate for spending their hard-earned money in your establishment. Having regular customers increases your clientele tremendously, which results in making more money not only for yourself but for the company as well.

While working for Ruby Tuesday’s she learned that the more you suggest the things that you like the more customers were intrigued with your suggestions. This resulted in bigger tips and more money for the company. They would also run contests for different shifts to see who the top seller was within the team. Motivating employee’s with goals is something that makes them work to achieving those goals, and will motivate them to succeed in making money.

In order, to succeed in this world you have to be willing to make sacrifices that many people would think is just horrible. However, you know the business world has a variety of people who work all the time even when they are at home. Just because you own a business does not mean that you can forget that you have responsibilities to make sure that your business is running smoothly even though you are not there.  Your employee has needed to know the ground rules and as a leader, you need to make sure that these ground rules are followed by the employees. That is part of being a business owner, and a leader.

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