First Year of Blogging


The first day of blogging was interesting to say the least. In the midst of everything going on in my life I just wanted a place to voice my opinions about college, life, and everything else that happens in the world. When I first started I did not expect a big turnout with the items that I was putting on my blog. Of course, when I started it my heart was not in it because sometimes you cannot think about anything to write. Along with other obstacles in my life that I eventually overcame. Keeping the blog up was not on the highest priorities at the time. I did not give it much thought and then two years went by without adding much to my blog. I am sure that the reader’s that I had at the time wondered what happened to me. Eventually, I started writing again and posting things to the blog that I had created two years ago. Two years later the post that gets the most attention is generic and grand strategies, which is something that I did in college as a discussion question. It is interesting enough for people to keep coming back to read the same article. I have since added more categories to help find information better without all the hassles of sorting through all the posts that you might find on my blog these days. I find that it is exciting to have a wonderful audience that enjoys the materials that I write about on my blog. I never imagined that I would have follower’s that enjoyed reading things that I write. It is a wonderful feeling to see that many people around the world enjoy blogging as much as I do now. Sometimes the pressure is overwhelming to keep you blog current and up to date with new materials. It surprises me to see that many people post many things throughout the day. My email is over run with posts from the people that I follow. However, I do not mind it because many of the posts are interesting to read. Sometimes I find myself sitting in front of my computer wondering what I should write next. I have even started writing down titles and saving them to my computer. The feeling of reaching almost 150 followers in just a few short weeks has inspired me to keep writing along with my family supporting everything that I do. I have learned many things in the last few months on keeping your blog up and interesting enough to keep people coming back to read the items that you have written about. If only I would have kept all of those essays, and other items done in college. They would have made an excellent part on this blog. Giving advice to other’s from past experiences is also something that people like to read about because learning from other’s will help most people to overcome obstacles they are having in their life.

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