What Will You be Remembered For?

This is an essay that I wrote while going to classes for my GED in 2003 it was one of the first times that I actually kept something that I had written. I managed to get a 3.5 on it and the grade was based on the scales of the GED.Even though I will probably … Continue reading What Will You be Remembered For?

The Quiet Versus The Loud

No matter where you are there are all types of noises that you cannot stand. When you are in a restaurant the noises around you dishes clanking, people talking about their life, server's talking about what is going on in their life, music playing, and other noises that make you lose your train of thought. … Continue reading The Quiet Versus The Loud

The Beautiful Azaleas In Our Yard

You know as I was walking around my yard looking at all the beautiful azaleas that we have in our yard I just had to take some pictures to show here on this blog. They are in full bloom and so pretty to look at. We have many flowers in our yard, and soon will … Continue reading The Beautiful Azaleas In Our Yard