What Will You be Remembered For?


This is an essay that I wrote while going to classes for my GED in 2003 it was one of the first times that I actually kept something that I had written. I managed to get a 3.5 on it and the grade was based on the scales of the GED.

Even though I will probably never achieve fame, and fortune. There are some things that I will be remembered for like being a good mother, getting my GED, and just being myself.

Being a good mother is something that will be remembered because of all the things I do for my children as they grow up in their life, they will always appreciate you, and remember the times you kept them out of trouble, harm, and all the love that you gave them.

Another reason I will be remembered is because I achieved going to classes to get my GED. This is something that I have wanted to do for sometime now, and I will achieve it. My family will remember the trials and triumphs of my life.

The last thing that I would like to be remembered for is just being myself instead of someone that I am not. I would not want people to remember me in a way that was not true, and I would rather be remembered for being myself.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why someone would want to be remembered here are mine being a good mother, getting my GED, just being myself, and eventually getting a college education.

You know after reading this I have come to realize that I have just achieved everything that I want to be remembered for and now it is time to set some new things in place that I would like to be remembered for. I also have to say after going to college and having to write longer essays during those times. This one should not have gotten the grade that it did because it surely was not long enough. However, I am glad that the teacher gave me the grade that she did based on the scale of requirements from the GED. In the future I will work on this to make it better and fill in some of the missing pieces that should be included in such an essay.

4 thoughts on “What Will You be Remembered For?

    1. You are so right! There are people across the world that have read the article’s that I have written. It is awesome to see that people enjoy the things that I write. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂


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