The zero is used to determine the positional value of a certain number within the mathematics world and to indicate the absence of quantity. The zero is needed in the positional number system that is used by people today. When you think about the position of any number in the positional numeral system it determines the value of that position. For example, in 567 the 5 stands for five hundred, and the 6 stands for six tens (sixty) and the 7 stands for seven ones or six units. In order to write the number five hundred six dollars you would have to include a zero to show that there are no tens in the number.

In school you learn that when you add a number to zero you get the original number. When you subtract you also get the original number. Multiplying a number by zero will automatically give you a zero. By dividing a number by zero it becomes indefinable. Yes it is just common sense to know these things.

It is believed that the Maya Indians invented the concept of Zero before 300 A.D. Several years later the Hindus developed the concept of the zero independently a few hundred years later after the Maya Indians did.

This ends the A to Z challenge it has been  a fun experience, and I am looking forward to the next challenge of writing. Adding more articles to my blog for the viewer’s to enjoy.

A List of Reasons Why I Like To Write

1. It is fun to write stories about your own life.

2. Clears your mind of all your thoughts.

3. It brings out moments of your life or someone else’s life.

4. You can recall the important memories and some memories that are hard to bear.

5. It shows you what you have accomplished throughout your life.

6. It allows you to voice your opinions about things that are  going on in the world.

7. It helps improve your ideas and brings out new ideas.

8. I enjoy writing and taking notes of people, places, and things in my life.

9. You learn more about yourself and the ones that you hold dear in your life.

10. You can make a difference in other people’s life.

11. It says something about who you are.

12. Notation of important events in your life and the ones surrounded in your life.

A Goal Achieved




I would like to say thank you to all you amazing people for following this blog. When I started this blog I never thought that I would have such an audience like this. It gives you this warm feeling inside to know that people actually enjoy the articles that you write about on your blog.

I appreciate all the comments, and likes for the posts that I have put on my blog. I hope that in the future of my blogging experience you enjoy the posts and information that I put on this blog.

You are a wonderful audience I should have never stopped writing articles two years ago. However, there were many things going on in life that you just cannot put to the side. Now, I am in that mode of writing for myself because I enjoy it. Now, I have the time to write about the things that interest me as well as other around me.



Everyone loves yogurt! Well there are some that do not like yogurt because of the texture of it. However, I am one of those people who love it and could eat it all the time.

Yogurt is a product that is made from milk. It is ranked a popular food in many countries throughout the world. People in Turkey, Iran, and other countries have eaten this for many years. It helps with digestive problems, and is a healthy choice compared to the junk food that people eat. People who make yogurt add two types of bacteria to the yogurt they are Lactobacillus bulgaricus, and Streptococcus lactis, which causes the yogurt to ferment. Yogurt comes in many flavors that would satisfy anyone’s appetite for a snack. My favorite is blueberry, strawberry, peach, lemon, and of course chocolate. Many people like the plain yogurt so that they can add their own types of fruit to the yogurt. We would eventually like to make our own yogurt like many people do at their homes. You cannot go wrong with eating yogurt because of the healthy effects that it has on your body.

Watching the U.S. Tornado Outbreak from Space

Interesting to see something like this happen right before your eyes. I personally, have never witnessed anything like this.

Watts Up With That?

NASA has just released an animation of visible and infrared satellite data from NOAA’s GOES-East satellite that shows the development and movement of the weather system that spawned tornadoes affecting seven central and southern U.S. states on April 27-28, 2014. NASA’s Aqua satellite captured infrared data on the system that revealed powerful storms, high into the troposphere.

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Drug debate: Will punishing women who take drugs while pregnant – | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

In my opinion I think that they should do this because they are not only hurting themselves; they are making their unborn child addicted to drugs that they should not be addicted to. Come on if a woman is taking drugs while they are pregnant they do not need to have children in the first place.

Putting them in a rehab is not going to solve anything because when they get out they will fall right back into the same problem they were in before. Before you know it they will be pregnant again without regards to what the drugs are doing to the baby growing inside of them.

You cannot help those who do not want to help themselves. Therefore, if it is going to take drug testing them before and after the baby is born so be it. No one can say whether or not they are not going to use after the baby is born. Once you become an addict of drugs that is all you think about and nothing else.

The doctors are the ones prescribing this medication, and drugs except for what they get on the street. They are going to be right back in the line getting more so they can get their fix. They are not going to care what happens to the child and personally I do not think that a woman who is pregnant; doing drugs; and not paying attention to what is happening to the unborn child should be able to keep it after it is born.

Maybe it will be a wakeup call and maybe it will not be a wakeup call. It was their choice to do the drugs and put the baby in danger so they should buck up and take the consequences of their actions.

Drug debate: Will punishing women who take drugs while pregnant – | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

XYZ~An Undeclared War


During this challenge I have not had that much of a problem finding something to write about for the letters of the alphabet. However, when you get to the last part of the challenge it becomes challenging. Needless to say there is not much in the way of words starting with “X”. There were a couple of things in “The Encyclopedia Britannica” that peaked my interest.

Onto the  actual article!

The XYZ was an undeclared war that happened in 1797 and into 1798. The controversial exchange of diplomatic proposals was between France, and the United States.  The result of this confrontation between France, and the United States was due to strained relations between the nations. Furthermore, they were demanding outrageous amounts of money from France during the XYZ affair. In the midst of the XYZ affair that let the United States, and France to fight at sea even though war was never declared during this time.

The XYZ affair was developing during the war with France and Great Britain. During this time the British captured many of the French ships during the war, which led the French to rely on the American ships to keep trades going between the France, and the United States. In 1796, the “British Jay Treaty” went into effect and this made the French enraged at the United States.  Moreover, the “British Jay Treaty” was a failure because Americans could no longer trade with France. Therefore, the French would seize the American Ships and their cargoes.

During the Adams administration he had appointed two political leaders to join Charles Cotesworth Pinckney to settle the dispute between France, and the United States. he was involved in negotiations that ended in the XYZ Affair (Pinckney, 2008). The two political leaders were John Marshall, and Elbridge Gerry. Furthermore, the three agents explained to the Americans that before they could be seen by Talleyrand that they would have to pay him a bribe of $250,000 dollars, an apology for pro-British policies, and acquire a loan of $12 million dollars from France.  He was forced to resign briefly for involvement in bribery scandals, including the XYZ Affair (Talleyrand, 2008).  This war was later called the “Quasi War” and the three diplomats were known as XYZ during John Adams administration. The Convention of 1800 ended a period of undeclared naval warfare between the U.S. and France (XYZ Affair, 2008).

It is interesting what you learn about history.


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An amazing woman

How awesome is this!!!!! You go Mandi our customer’s deserve more server’s like you…. You are doing a fine job and this is awesome what you have done for Mike Paradalis….I commend you for your efforts into having a decent burial for him….

Just Cruisin 2


Mandi Gardner was a waitress at the Waffle House
in Concord, North Carolina for 11 years and one of
her regulars was a man named Mike Paradalis,
a veteran who served in the Air Force.

The last time she saw him she locked her keys in her
car and he helped her unlock the car. On April 10 he
had a heart attack and died alone in his van.

For around 14 days nobody claimed his body at the
NorthEast Medical Center and it appeared nobody
wanted to claim the body, except for Mandi.

She told the local news “there’s no memorial, no
headstone, no goodbye, nothing for someone to track
down and find”. So she started a fundraiser to raise
the money needed to claim his body and give him a
decent burial.

People came forward with money and the information
that his funeral might be provided for free…

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Image Journaling

June 1964 Marineland of Florida 1One of the Marineland’s of Florida in 1964 taken by my grandparents.

When you look at a picture does it bring anything to your mind? Looking at pictures and developing a story from what is in the picture can be a valuable learning experience. When she looks at pictures of her family history things pop into her head about the scene, situation, atmosphere, and surroundings in the picture. You can create anything that your heart desires when it comes to looking at the beauty of the pictures, people, and places within those pictures. You can almost imagine yourself in the same scene looking at your family and talking with them like you were there.

She tells her children that you can go on any type of adventure if you open your mind when you are reading books or looking at pictures from another time. Image journaling is based on the picture that you are focused on. A story develops while you are admiring the picture trying to think about how the character’s within that picture would react to the surroundings of their life at that moment. When you read a book you can visit any part of the world that you would like just by using your imagination and picturing yourself in the same places that you read about in those books.

Reading a book takes you on an adventure that you can picture in your mind while you are reading it like “The Hobbit” which was an exhilarating read to say the least. You can imagine yourself right there when Bilbo and dwarfs are experiencing their darkest trials. There are way to many favorite parts of this book to mention right here. However, the point of reading is to experience different things, emotions, feelings, and happiness.  She could not wait until the movie came out to see if it shared the same atmosphere as the book. After purchasing the movie she did not realize at the time that there would be three parts to the movie so it stopped right when they came to the dragon.  Although there are some things that are mentioned in the book that are not mentioned in the movie. Therefore, she is looking forward to seeing the other parts to the movie “The Hobbit”.

Writing Process For Yourself


Everyone writes differently and your writing defines the way that you perceive the world and surroundings. Writing comes naturally to some and the words just flow from their mind onto whatever they are using at that moment. She has a book about writing that she writes in the sides of the book the thoughts, and memories that she can remember.

She starts a journal every year but somehow life gets in the way and she has a few gaps that she needs to fill in, and she now will have to make something up that happened that day. That is the fun part of it all making up stories about what she thinks she did that day. She seems to recall a lot of information that she writes down in those empty spaces. Many people tell her that they could not write because they do not have an interesting life. However, every aspect of your life is interesting especially to the people that you are around and give some meaning to your life.

When you start writing you find yourself writing about a variety of things that you normally would not write about in your journal entry, blog, book or anything else. It is amazing when you go back and read the things that you have written. Some of it is funny and will laugh your head off. People do not take her seriously when she talks about her journal. If only they knew the things that she writes about in her life. Some people get defensive because they think that you are writing about them. They want to know so if you are writing in public they will look over your shoulder to see what you are writing about it is true. People have done this to her when she was writing during a lunch break at a previous job.

When you write you should not think about the things that you cannot control. Free writing is the best key to do and then pick a day to go revisit the things that you have written about in your journal, blog or book. Even after writing over 100,000 words each year you still have to go through the editing process and sometimes these things when you are finished minimizes the result of the word count because you find that many of the items that you have written about have nothing to do with the book, blog, or anything else that you are writing.

However, when you find the end of the trail you find that you are creating something personal and from your experiences. The thing that you will have at the end is the book that will become the best seller one of the days. Your life holds interesting parts and everyone should be able to express those feelings, memories, and anything else that makes their life whole.

Your family is the only one that cares about the outcome of their life. Many people write about their family life, work life, and they become best sellers. Some people like to write about reality, which is something that people seem to like in this world.  You have to be creative in your writing coming up with stories that will intrigue your readers to coming back for more.

We all experience things at a different level in the world. You also can write about those beautiful meals that you have together as a family. Even with your family members you can concoct some stories that would probably be best sellers. Starting out with a short story, which is about 7500 words, would be beneficial to you to see if your material would be viewed by anyone. She has learned that some people will not like the things that you write about but you cannot let that bring you down.

Starting a blog would also be a publication because you are writing articles for your own blog and releasing it out into the world through the internet. How you perceive your life is your own thoughts and memories. She tries to think about the past and the memories that they had when she was a child but those memories are blocked by bad memories throughout her preteen and teenage life. She remembers certain parts of her life that she could not think of before but she knows that one day she will be able to remember those memories about her childhood.

Publication through the internet is one more thing that she can cross off her long list of things that she would like to achieve in her life and some of them are already a success. However, there are more things that she would like to accomplish in the world and she is working towards achieving those goals. She has already accomplished many things in her life. She is looking forward to achieving more throughout her life.

Your children provide you with numerous stories that they concoct to tell you about something they have watched on television. They also manage to tell you about the things that you have no idea about. They also learn and see more than you would want to them to know in this world. Children have some wild imaginations and speak what is on their mind whether it makes sense to them or not.

Journal entries from long ago throughout your family history date back to the early 1900’s and some of the information you cannot understand because of the writing that they did back then. However, some of the information in the journal entries can be read for the soul purpose of learning about your family history.  It is truly amazing that you can find some of this information interesting enough to talk about and be happy about your heritage.

Life can be as interesting as you can make it and it all depends on the creative skills that you have in yourself to make the story come alive. You know it is amazing if you put one letter on each of the lines on a page that requires you to start a new sentence every time you come to the next line. She has done this and the story that she got out of doing this was truly disturbing but interesting to say the least.

You can even use the first name of each person in your family to develop a story the same way with each letter of their name all the way to the end of the page. Like Tammy would have one letter of her name on all 26 lines of the page. Therefore, you would have to start a new sentence for each of the letters of her name. It was an interesting exercise that she did just out of pure fun during a day off from work in the real world. It was fun and the children got a laugh out of some of the information that was in my story.

For Example””:

To many this would probably be a boring exercise and they would probably put it down.

Apparently, she enjoys this exercise because it makes her stop and think about the next letter.

Many people love to write, and work out exercises that will stimulate the brain to make a story.

Making time to experience exercises like this will allow you to conjure up some interesting stories or sentences.

Yes it is truly amazing at what you can write with a starting letter on the first line of the page.

Sometimes you just do not know what to write about and your mind comes to a blank because you have written about so many things that it is jumbled up in your mind. However, there are days that you write all day long and manage to accomplish things that you could not have dreamed of in your writing.

More to come!