April Fools Day


Some of the best jokes are done on April Fools day! However, this story that I am going to tell did not take place on that day but I thought that it would be a great story to tell for the A to Z challenge and my first post for this challenge.

One Saturday morning we decided to play a trick on our children. Of course, it was cold, and there was a chance for snow. We woke them up and told them they were late for school. So they get up shower, get dressed, and eat their breakfast. They gather their school books, and we pile everyone into the car. The school is not that far away but we have to go through one light, and make a few turns before we arrive at the school. The children kept asking are you sure there is school today? Of course, our answer was Yes! they will be here in a few minutes. The children were little and they continued to ask if everyone else was coming. We had a hard time keeping a straight face while this was going on. You know it is nice when your children have a sense of humor. We sat there for about thirty minutes and they finally caught on to our little prank. Well after all of the commotion of our little prank we decided to take them to McDonald’s because they were such good trooper’s. I have told this story to many people over the years and some think that it is mean to play this type of joke on your children. However, there are some parents that have done the same thing to their children. You have to have fun in this world and make memories that will stick with you and your children. This is a story that our children will be telling their children for years to come, and maybe they will play the same type of joke on their children. Just to see their faces and the expressions of whether or not mommy, and daddy were telling the truth about there being school on a Saturday. It was so much fun and to this day we still play pranks on them because it is so much fun.

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