Beautiful Birds


Beautiful birds all around in the early morning. You can hear them chirping, and talking to the other beautiful birds in their own beautiful way. Sometimes you wonder what they are saying but enjoy their beautiful songs so bright, and early in the morning. Walking out in your yard looking at the beautiful birds that prowl around looking for food. Bright beautiful colors from the male birds trying to attract their mate for the consummation to produce little baby birds. How beautiful it is to see the bright beautiful birds doing the dance, fixing the nest, and doing everything they can to attract the mate they are seeking. The many different beautiful birds that you see throughout the day can inspire the most beautiful story. I love listening to the beautiful birds chirping their way from place to place. It is quite amazing that these beautiful birds travel so far in such a small amount of time.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Birds

    1. You are right! People do not take the time to listen to the wonderful Nature that surrounds us. At one time I was one of those people because I worked all the time, and I still do work all the time. However, spending time listening to the wonderful sounds, and homeschooling my children made me see the wonderful world of nature. A couple of years ago we started a terrarium and I learned more about nature that I did not know. It is a wonderful thing and people need to experience it….:)


      1. Wow – that’s a great idea! Believe it or not, I was homeschooled back in the day… it really was a great experience… keep with it, you’re doing a great thing!


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