Writing A Book and Having Anxiety

You know when you sit down to write a book sometimes the thoughts just disappear from your mind. You know what you want to write about however, the words are stuck in a different place. Especially, when it is a book about your own personal trials, obstacles, triumphs, and everything else that your life has to offer. You want to talk about how you became the person you are today but somehow the words just will not come out. Of course, for the past few years you have written thousands of notes, scribbled in those corner’s of books about some of the things that you went through. However, putting them all together is the hardest part of all. You have written over 300,000 words in your journal about your life, accomplishments, goals, children, family, and many other things. She knows that the art of writing is to just sit and write what is on her mind, and worry about the rest for a later time.

She cannot believe that many people in this world turn out books like it is nothing. Of course, she knows it will take time for her to finish the book that she wants to write, and she will have to publish it herself. There are so many things that she wants to talk about in her book but she feels like it would just cause problems in the future. However, she believes that her achievements in this world would benefit other people around the world. How do you deal with the anxiety of wanting to write a book you know will bring out some unresolved feelings. She just keeps the words written in her journal for her own personal use, to keep the thoughts from clouding her mind. No one has read anything in her journal because she keeps it to herself. She carries on with her life as though nothing could bring her down, and she tries so hard to forget the obstacles that she had to overcome to get where she is today.

Writing a book is much harder than she imagined but she is not going to give up that easily. Maybe she needs to look at it from a different approach and see where she can go from there. Everyone around her tells her that she could write a book about anything that she wants too. That is the problem there are so many things that she wants to write about but the one that she is working on is always calling her to write. She started a template the other day while she was on vacation, and managed to write almost 10,000 words about a variety of things that she has overcome in her life already. She is determined to find her calling in the world. She writes her book in the voice of her character Amelie. The name just came to her one day while she was writing and it stuck.

Advice for the writer with Anxiety!



Communication is the key to having a successful relationship, a successful career, and many other things. Communication sets the tone of your existence without it nothing would get accomplished. Everyone has to have communication to make it in the world. Without communication you could have problems arise because the lack of communication was not there. In college you learn that you have to communicate with your team members to make sure that you achieve the best possible grade for the assignment. However, the communication in the real world is lacking to some degree. Many people do not know how to communicate their feelings and sometimes they communicate in the wrong way.

I remember on time while in BMT that the instructor started a sentence with the person on the end and by the time it had gotten to the last person it was a totally different story. It had blown up into something that did not even pertain to the sentence that was given. What is even more amazing is that people believe everything that they are told. It does not matter to them whether or not it is true.

Communication is a necessary item within the work place, and without it things could go terribly wrong without anyone meaning to cause any problems. You cannot send part of an email, part of a letter or anything for that matter because the communication will halt. People need to make sure that they are communicating and that the person that they are communicating too understands the information provided to them. Having good communication skills are necessary for everything that we do in life.