Communication is the key to having a successful relationship, a successful career, and many other things. Communication sets the tone of your existence without it nothing would get accomplished. Everyone has to have communication to make it in the world. Without communication you could have problems arise because the lack of communication was not there. In college you learn that you have to communicate with your team members to make sure that you achieve the best possible grade for the assignment. However, the communication in the real world is lacking to some degree. Many people do not know how to communicate their feelings and sometimes they communicate in the wrong way.

I remember on time while in BMT that the instructor started a sentence with the person on the end and by the time it had gotten to the last person it was a totally different story. It had blown up into something that did not even pertain to the sentence that was given. What is even more amazing is that people believe everything that they are told. It does not matter to them whether or not it is true.

Communication is a necessary item within the work place, and without it things could go terribly wrong without anyone meaning to cause any problems. You cannot send part of an email, part of a letter or anything for that matter because the communication will halt. People need to make sure that they are communicating and that the person that they are communicating too understands the information provided to them. Having good communication skills are necessary for everything that we do in life.

5 thoughts on “Communication

  1. Agree that communication is vital- even small mistakes in communication can sometimes lead to major problems


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