My blog is weird

I know the feeling! People think that I do not have a life, and I do not live my life to the fullest. However, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading books, writing about everything that I can. I do not have many friends, and those friends that I do have I do not spend much time talking with them. I have been called a geek! odd! and many other things that I will not mention here. That is their opinion of me and what they see however, they do not see the whole side of me….Thanks for sharing….:)


You guys see a very different side to me in comparison to what many people in my life see. My closest friends know that I am pretty…erm…odd, but my work colleagues and casual acquaintances see “professional Jane.”

Professional Jane likes pencil skirts and blazers. She eats rye crackers and discusses politics with men in suits. She analyses exam results and collates them in the form of pie charts. She attends meetings with colleagues and has an actual clipboard. Sometimes, she ties her hair up with a pencil. Yes, professional Jane is a straight-laced, no-nonsense nine to fiver.

Then there’s “crazy Jane”. Crazy Jane tries to teach her cat how to curtsy (she *almost* has it). She has an inexplicable fear of foam and waltzes with herself. She likes to not stalk her neighbours with binoculars and pretend she’s a French mime artist. She also loves wrestling and tequila (in that…

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2 thoughts on “My blog is weird

  1. Thanks Tammy! It’s important that we can be ourselves on here I think. It’s a place where I am definitely more open and if people decide they like it, brilliant. If they don’t, then that’s okay too.
    Anyway, I know it’s cliched to say it, but anyone who calls you any derogatory names obviously is deeply insecure and has their own issues so don’t take it personally. Keep up the good work 🙂


    1. You are right! I do not take it personally and most of the time I actually laugh along with them because I know that I am doing great things in my life. They cannot blame their life on others and can only blame themselves for the way their life is going….:) Thanks for the response! You are doing great as well!!!!:)


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