Food For Thought



This is our Parmesan Chicken Pasta that we make every so often and it lasts about a week of course the children get tired of it but it works for our family.

One family pack of chicken breasts

Four cans of your choice of spaghetti sauce

One small package of mozzarella cheese

Four boxes of Penne pasta (or your choice of pasta)

Garlic (to your tasting)

Italian seasoning (to your tasting)

Cook your chicken, add your seasonings to your tasting, and simmer

Start your pasta and while it is cooking add your sauce to your chicken

Then use a casserole pan to place your pasta in and cover it with the chicken, and sauce.

Cover it with your cheese (your choice on the cheese we use two or three different types of cheese).

Pop it back in the oven to melt your cheese and there you have it dinner for the next week. You can put some in the freezer for a later time. It is a wonderful dish and it is a family favorite.

Cook Time about 45 Minutes

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