Go For Your Dreams


Go For Your Dreams

You know this writing challenge has turned out to be a wonderful experience in so many ways and we are just starting it!

In life you have to reach for the stars going after your dreams and making those dreams a reality. Some people feel like they do not have the talent, skills, knowledge or opportunity to accomplish those dreams. However, people do have the skills, knowledge, talent, and the opportunity to make their dreams come true. You have to be willing to make the sacrifices to obtain the career or life that you want. You cannot rely on the rest of the world to help you to accomplish your dreams, aspirations or the future of your career.

Having a career, family, time to yourself, and many other things in your life cannot stop you from achieving the goals and dreams that you have set out for your life. There are many things that people want out of their life like a home, a solid career, a loving family, a support team, and the feeling that they have accomplished something in their life.

These can be found if you search your heart and soul. You have to want something out of your life without having a crutch for the rest of your life. Sometimes these things in your life require taking risks that you normally would not take because of the outcome. However, by taking risks we find the things that we are capable of dealing with each and everyday of our life. Everything that we do in our life revolves around the risks that may be involved with those actions, thoughts, money, bank accounts, loans, and anything else that your life has.

Without the possibility of achieving the goals or dreams that we have set forth in our life we will not become the person we are supposed to be. You know I took a risk of going to college, and building up that debt that comes along with going to college in the hope that I would find a job within the field that I decided to go with. However, the economy lapsed which meant that the jobs in that field were no longer available. Furthermore, not giving up I still believe that I will achieve the goal of having the job that I desire.

You are a teacher to your children the most important people in your life. They look to you to provide them with the inspiration to go for their dreams no matter the risk. I have faith that one day my dreams will come true. For the most part my family has received everything that they could ever want out of life at the moment. I was always told that good things come to those who wait. I stand by this because it has proven to be true.

7 thoughts on “Go For Your Dreams

    1. Thank you for following as well! I am also enjoying this challenge. It is awesome and something that I have never done before. It keeps you motivated to write something everyday. I hope that you enjoy the upcoming articles…:)


      1. This is my first time as well and some days, it really makes you work that brain muscle.
        I look forward to your articles! 😀


      2. Thank you very much! I enjoy writing about a variety of things and this helps by making you think about the things that you would like to share with others. Sometimes it is hard and right now I am stuck on M but I have a few things in mind for this letter. 🙂


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