Memories of The Past


This blogging challenge has turned out to be a wonderful experience, and it makes you stop to think about what you want to write. Sometimes it is hard to do because there are some things that you just do not think people would read. However, this post is going to be about the people who have left this world. Some I have never met because I was not thought about during that time.

1952 Helen Cramer

This is my grandmother Helen Bertha Cramer whom I loved very much. She would always wear a turtle neck when I was growing up because she was always cold. She loved collecting stuffed animals, and many other things for the grandkids. She was a wonderful woman.

1953 Joe Hopkinson

This is Joseph Hopkinson, Jr. He married Helen Bertha Cramer. He was my grandfather who loved crafting, and loved Star Trek, Mash, and many other shows.

1890 Joseph Hopkinson Sr

1890 Joseph Hopkinson, Sr  my great grandfather who died in 1959 at the age of 88

1916 Julia Ann Bolt Fancy Gap VA

Julia Ann Bolt (Landford) 1916 she was Joseph Hopkinson, Sr. Second wife after losing his first wife to sickness in 1931.

1900 Jane Ashworth, John Taylor Hopkinson's wife

1900 Jane Ashworth was married to my great great grandfather John Taylor Hopkinson

More too come!!! Still looking through old pictures and finding the ones that I would like to put with these. Also trying to find information about some of the ancestor’s that I did not know.

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