Opening Your Heart


Sometimes it is hard to open your heart to other people for the fear of being hurt all over again. You shield yourself from the pain of being hurt because of the past issues that you have had over the years. You take precautions because you do not trust people with your feelings, and your heart.

Time is a healing process and you have to open your heart to other’s in order to find love, peace, and happiness in the world. Sometimes you cannot keep your heart hidden from the ones that you love because it causes them pain as well.

Life is a roller coaster and you cannot just let it roll by without any hope of having a lovely life. You have to keep your faith that you life is going to be full of wonderful things. Lovely children, a good husband, and a life filled with the utmost happiness.

She tries to inspire people with the articles that she writes and the words just flow from her mind. She has everything that she could possibly want in this life and she is grateful that she can spend it with the ones that she opens her heart to each and everyday.

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