How Do You Think The Economy Is?

How do you think our economy is now compared to six years ago?

3 thoughts on “How Do You Think The Economy Is?

  1. I voted for “In Between.” Should be better, could be worse. I’m not paying $4.61 a gallon for gas anymore, but after seeing my grocery bill the other day, it’s a toss-up as to where my limited funds go. I wasn’t old enough to “appreciate” the Carter years, but at least we don’t have double-digit unemployment (officially, anyway) and inflation. Still, should be better.


    1. Thank you for your reply! It is interesting when you research your family history by looking through journal entries the trials and tribulations that they achieved throughout their life. The pay that they received back then is not as much as it is today. They lived on literally nothing and they had to make ends meet with the low wages that they received during those times. In the journal entries of my great grandfather they did not receive that much in the way of money. They raised chickens and sold the eggs along with some of the chickens. Of course, back then a dozen eggs from the journal entries was about 90 cents in the early 1900’s. Now, it is around $3.00 for a dozen eggs here in 2014.


  2. Yes! I agree that it could be better. You know in reading journal entries from the early 1900’s in my family history I have found that some of the same things that we buy today were not that expensive compared to what it is now. But money had a different meaning back in those times. It went further than it does now. It was truly amazing how they survived through the rough times in their lifetime. Back then they did not make that much money per hour like we do today! So they had to make it count for what they had. Nowadays, people spend more than they earn for the material things in life. Things that do not mean very much in the scheme of things.


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