Qualitative Variables


When you think about qualitative variables a few of the examples that might be included in this type of research would be gender, type of automobile owned, eye color, state of birth, and religious affiliation. These examples would be used in determining a variety of things while doing their research for a specific reason. You might want to know what percent of the the population has brown eyes versus blue eyes. You might want to know how many Baptists, Catholics, and how many protestants are there within the United States. Companies that sell cars would like to know how many SUV’S were sold within the last year to determine how many they should buy for the upcoming year. Restaurants want to know how many people come through their establishment within the last year determining on the sales that they had for the last year. This will allow them to estimate how much sales they will possibly do this same time next year. These are all considered nonnumeric characteristics that are studied by a variety of people all across the world. This type of research is usually presented in some type of graph to show the results that they have accumulated over the certain periods.

Quantitative variables are the variables that can be studied and reported numerically. A few examples of this would include the number of children within a family, your checking account balance, the age of the company presidents within your company, your stock account, and savings account balance. Some of the discrete variables would include the number of bedrooms or bathrooms a certain home has, the number of cars that are coming off the exit near your company, and you could also research the number of cars that arrive at any exit that has some type of amusement park.

    Types of Variables    
types of hair color        
marital status   Discrete Variables   Continuous Variables
brands of shoes

brands of laundry soap

brands of clothes
brands of laptops

  how many TV sets in the home.

How many stereos in the home.

How many laptops.

How many cell phones.

How many I pads are in the home.

  tax income

Rainfall in Pensacola, Florida

Rainfall in Newport, Tennessee

Snow accumulations in Tennessee

    children in a family   salary of grad students


As you can see there are different variables for each of these items and depending on the type of information that you want to find depends on the variables of each of the topics above in the chart.

Hope you have enjoyed this!

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