In college, you learn how to do research on a variety of things. You have to engage yourself in the midst of learning about things that you never dreamed about throughout your college life. You find out a variety of interesting things when you do research. Right now, I am working on researching my ancestry and have found out some interesting things about my family heritage.

During college you have many essay’s that require you to read, read, and read. You cannot just simply read one chapter and then write your essay. You need to read and take notes before you start your essay. Research is the main key into finding out those hidden treasures that you are seeking.

Even after college you have to research things like the company that you would like to work for, and you have to learn something about that company. Employer’s will ask you why you have chosen their company compared to other company’s in the same field. You need to impress your potential company with telling them something that you know about their company.

In researching potential jobs you look through the newspaper, online job boards, and other areas to find the right job that matches your skills, knowledge, and expertise. After all many people want to find that job that matches their credentials.

If you do your research before the assignment is due then you should not have any problems making an essay out of the information that you have found throughout your research endeavor.

Writing essay’s in college, and doing the research proved to be a valuable expertise on my part because my husband would fuss at me for waiting till the last minute to write a 1000 word paper. However, I told him that it would not be a problem and it was not a problem because I could write about the topic after reading about the topic for just a little while.

However, this was something that worked for me because I could write, and write without stopping. Sometimes I would have to stop myself and edit the work that I had done because I would usually go over the word count. I guess when I started college I wanted to write all the time, and now it has carried over into making this blog. Writing about things that I have learned and experienced in my life.

Happy writing!

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  1. Many thanks for the follow. I hope you will enjoy learning about India mixed in with this and that!
    I hope you will return again soon and often. Big smiles. . . . Anne


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