We all have souvenirs that we keep from different parts in our life. Some of these souvenirs can include things that you have bought, things that your children have made or something that was left behind from someone you loved family, friends or co-workers. Well eventually you run across the things that you have kept over the years. It always brings back those memories of the good times that you have had with each other.

During the move we ran across a thousand and one things that the children had made over the years. It was nice to rekindle those memories and now we are on the way to making new memories that we can rekindle years from now.

We should cherish all the memories we can because all the memories tell a story that only you and that person can share about the souvenirs in your life. We try not to throw out the things that the children make, cards that we receive or notes that we write to each other.

You know I still have the same piece of paper that my husband wrote his number on and every once in awhile I come across it and think back to the time that we met. What a wonderful occasion that was. How time flies when your having fun with everything that is going on in our life it is the little things that we appreciate.

4 thoughts on “Souvenirs

  1. What a great story, Tammy, thanks for sharing. Yes, we should cherish the memories, that’s more or less all we’re left with in the end. I like little mementos that take me back to a time and place, but more importantly people. I also like photos, lots of photos.
    Silvia @


    1. I like photo’s as well! I have pictures of my ancestor’s that I never got to meet. It is interesting what the picture’s tell you when you look at them. You get to know them from how they act and present themselves in those pictures. I love having memories that I can pull out and look at from time to time.


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